Summary: We need to take a biblical approach to this difficult subject of judging. The world says, "Don't judge." What does God say? We need to be very careful.

The Christian and Judgment

Matthew 7:1-6

This is perhaps one of the most important exhortations, found anywhere in the Bible, given to a Christian. This does not do away with judgment nor condemn it entirely. It merely says that if we judge honestly and according to God’s word, we are safe, but when we go beyond this realm we must answer for our actions. Not to man, but to a Holy God that always judges according to truth.

I. Restriction on Judgment

A. Do not judge in a capacity where you are not qualified.

1 Thessalonians 4:11; study to be quiet and to do your own business.

B. Do not judge presumptuously.

1. Do not presume to know more than you do.

2. Don’t presume to judge where God has failed to pass judgment.

Job 1; This is a favorite trick of the Devil.

C. Do not judge hypocritically

1. What is wrong is wrong in all cases.

2. What is right is right in all cases.

3. We are not to be a respecter of persons.

D. We are not to judge hastily

1. God is long suffering to usward, and we can be no less.

2. We are not to form quick judgments either for the good or bad.

John 7:24; judge not according to appearance.

E. We are not to judge without specific cause.

1. We are to commend that which God commends.

2. We are to condemn that which God condemns.

3. We are to let the Holy Spirit take care of the rest.

F. We are not to judge unjustly or unfairly

1. We are to take all the facts and conditions into consideration.

2. We are to mingle mercy with justice.

G. We are not to judge unmercifully

1. You don’t kick an individual when he is down.

2. If rebuke has been administered by another, what can you accomplish out of hatred.

II. The Consequence of Unlawful Judging

A. We will suffer the constant reminder in this life that we have hurt another.

B. We will one day stand before Christ at the Judgment seat of Christ.

1. What will you tell Him?

2. What punishment will be acted out of thoughtless words and deeds done in the flesh?

III. Our Inability to Judge

A. Our life is usually such that we need to spend all our time straightening it out

B. If we fail to recognize the sin in our own life, how can we in honesty condemn sin in the life of others.

C. The Word is to be the guidelines and judge of life. Make sure that you measure up before you begin to measure others.

IV. The Limits of our Judgment

A. The lost do not understand the things of God and consequentially trying to make them obedient to God’s law is useless.

B. They are not subject to God’s law because they have already broken all aspects of it.

C. Trying to preach sanctification and separation to lost people, merely angers and drives them away.

D. Preaching separation to saints should give them a greater love for Christ.

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