Summary: Today, Christmas is still about what it was the night Jesus was born - it is the good news of a Savior born to save us from our sins.

The Christmas Gospel

Luke 2:10-11

Introduction: Christmas is about the gospel. We are going to explain today how the entire message of Christmas was and still is about Jesus and salvation in His name.

I.The Completed Gospel

“which shall be to all people.”

The coming of Jesus was prophesied from the time since Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden. God was preparing for the coming of the Savior from that time until the very night Jesus was born. God spoke specific prophesies about the birth of Jesus so everyone would be able to know that He was the Savior – God’s Savior and the author and provider of salvation. Even the message of the angels references these prophesies. For example, Isaiah 49:6 says,

“I will also give thee as a light to the nations, that thou may be my salvation unto the end of the earth.”

II. The Comprehensive Gospel

“which shall be to ALL PEOPLE”

The angel again speaks specifically and states that the good tidings of great joy shall be for all people. Salvation is for everyone. No matter who you are today you need to be saved and can be saved because the gospel is for you. God is so many ways makes this clear. He sends the angels to tell first a group of shepherds. A shepherd was the the Jewish “everyman” of that day. Additionally, God included some amazing examples in the lineage of Jesus, in order to show that He was the Savior for all people. Consider:

Tamar Genesis 38

Rahab Ruth 2; Joshua 2


Bathsheba 2 Samuel 11:3

III. The Communicated Gospel

“which shall be TO all people”

If the Gospel was to all people, that it compels us to share the Gospel. In fact, the shepherds were so moved by what they saw, they went and told everyone they could find about Jesus. That is a message we need to become reacquainted with as the church. We are to tell the good news to everyone. We are to be soul-winners and evangelists. We are to share Jesus with all we meet.

IV. The Compelling Gospel

“Fear not; for behold, I bring you”

The Gospel – good news – was brought to the shepherds and they believed. What keeps you form believing this morning? [Here share the invitation and invite people to be saved.]

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