Summary: In this seermon we will look at what worship is not, what it is and what happens when we truly worship.

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Kim Huffman 1/11/4

Goshen Christian Church

God’s Pattern for the Church #2


Mt. 15:7-9 & John 4:23,24


We come to church and what we do we call a worship service. But is it possible for us to go through the whole service and not worship? What does it mean to worship anyway?

ILL> During Henry Ward Beecher’s ministry people would come from far and wide to hear him preach. One particular Sunday, Beecher got sick on Sunday morning and a substitute preacher was called to fill the pulpit. A large crowd had assembled to hear Beecher preach. As the service started it was announced that Beecher had become sick and the visiting preacher was introduced. As he got up to speak, several disappointed listeners from the audience got up and started to leave. That is when the visiting preacher spoke loudly, “All who came here to worship Henry Ward Beecher may now make your exit. All who have come to worship God please keep your seats!”

Look with me today as we consider what worship is not, what worship is and what happens when we truly worship.


1. Worship is not singing

2. Worship is not preaching

3. Worship is not praying

4. Worship is not communion

5. Worship is not giving


1. Worship is an emotion not an act

2. Worship takes place inside the worshiper

3. The dictionary definition of worship is adoration

4. Adoration is a higher emotion than love

5. Worship is the power of the church and of our lives

ILL> Ben Merold said this about worship: “In most churches we have the preacher performing, with God as the prompter, and the people as the audience. In truth, worship should be the people performing, with the preacher as the prompter, and God as the audience.”

ILL> An announcement was made: Due to a lack of power there will be no worship service at XYZ church. But for many churches the announcement could really be: Due to a lack of worship there will be no power in the church.


1. We become spiritually healthy

2. We have a big affect on our world

3. We assemble together and lean on one another (Heb. 10:24,25)

4. Worship fills our spiritual tank so we can make it through another week

5. We break ourselves open to God so he can fill us

ILL> We must be like the alabaster bottle in Luke 7:36ff. We must be broken before we can be any good to ourselves or others.

ILL> Rick Warren says (The Purpose Driven Life), “Since worship is delighting in and enjoying God, it engages your emotions. God gave you emotions so you could worship Him with deep feeling– but those emotions must be genuine, not faked. God hates hypocrisy. He doesn’t want a show, or pretense, or phoniness in worship. He wants your honest, real love. We can worship God imperfectly, but we can not worship Him insincerely. Of course sincerity alone is not enough; you can be sincerely wrong. That’s why both spirit and truth are required. Worship must be both authentic and accurate. God-pleasing worship is deeply emotional and deeply doctrinal. We use both our hearts and our heads.

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