Summary: It’s time to move out!



II Timothy 1.8-12

S: Mission – Evangelism

Th: His work, His power – in us!


?: With what?

KW: Messages

Type: Propositional

It’s time to move out with the message of…



III. FAITH (11-12)

PA: How is the change to be observed?

• Courageously speak the good news about Jesus.

• Receive the freedom from sin that God graciously offers to give.

• Follow Jesus, our friend in need, who gives us life.

• With conviction, live the truth.

• Commit to being a vessel for His work and His power.

• Move out with your mission – make committed followers of Jesus.

Version: ESV

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RMBC 14 October 07 AM


ILL Personal

The Decker family went to a concert together two weeks ago at Roberts Wesleyan where Elizabeth is now attending.

We went to see one of our favorite bands Denver and the Mile High Orchestra.

They are a Christian Swing band – a modern Big Band sound.

When they finished their concert, and they went off, the crowd kept clapping and whistling.

They wanted more.

They wanted an encore!

And Denver led his band back out gave one terrific encore!

Looking for an encore was the inspiration for the phrase…

1. “Elvis has left the building!”

ILL Change (S)

Al Dvorin, a concert announcer who traveled with Elvis throughout the performer’s career, made the phrase famous when his voice was captured on many recordings of Elvis’ performances.

"Elvis has left the building!" is a phrase that was often used following Elvis Presley concerts to disperse audiences who lingered in hopes of an Elvis encore.

The reason we bring this bit of history to our attention is to make a connection with a biblical understanding of the church.


2. The church is not a building.

Even though there is a sign in the front of the building that labels us as a church, it is not the truest definition of a church.

We make a mistake if we think that when we describe the church that this building is the focal point.

For essentially…

3. The church is people.

What makes a church a church is not a building.

What makes a church a church is people.

It is you and me.


4. When the service ends, the church leaves the building.

The building stays.

The church moves on.

The church moves out to our homes, our schools, and our places of work.

The church leaves the building.

There is an implication that goes with this then.

The implication is that the church is meant to be on the go.

It is not designed to be stationary.

We are designed to be a moving people.

And I believe, for Randall…


ILL Move (H)

This reminds me once when I was driving with JJ in the car when he was very young – probably about 4. We were caught in some traffic due to some road construction. As we crawled along, JJ kept saying, “Just go, Dad, go!”

Finally, the traffic started to move, JJ spied the construction equipment that had been causing the delay and said, “Wait a minute! I want to see this!”

Sometimes, I think that is just like the church.

We say we are willing to move, but then when it comes time to go, we are not so sure.

Sometimes, we get hesitant.

We don’t move forward.

Well, it is time for us to move.

It is time for us to move with the message we have been given.

You see, we are to…

6. Courageously speak the good news about Jesus (II Timothy 1.8-12; Romans 1.16)

Paul writes in I Timothy to his disciple…

Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord…

Earlier, Paul had written his own testimony about the good news to the church in Rome…

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…

The Apostle Paul had a faith that was on fire.

Even as he writes to Timothy, he knows that he has come to the end of the road.

He knows that his life is on the line.

Nevertheless, he was on fire -- unfazed by the circumstances surrounding his life.

It didn’t matter to Paul if he was preaching to hundreds or starting new churches, or if he was sitting in a dirty, cold, prison cell – his faith was stoked, burning strong for his Lord, Jesus Christ.

We have great news.

It is a message that makes a difference.

It is a message that endures.

Do you have the message down?

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