Summary: This is the sixth in a seven sermon series on the attitudes of the church mentioned in Revelation and how they can relate to the attitudes of church members.

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The Church Jesus Brags On

Revelation 3:7-13

I. The Christ of This Church (v. 7-8a)

A. His attributes

1. He is holy

- He is sinless (Hebrews 4:15, 7:26)

- He is worthy of worship (Isaiah 6:3)

2. He is true

- He is worthy of saving faith

- He is worthy of total trust

- He is worthy of total discipleship

B. His activity

1. He holds the keys to life

a. He holds the key to salvation

b. He holds the keys of service

2. He watches the deeds of life

a. He is in the midst of the church (Rev. 1:13)

b. He is observing our motives and our ministries

II. The Condition of the Church (v. 8b)

A. The privilege they enjoyed

1. They had a door opened by the Lord

2. They had a door opened that could not be closed

B. The power they exhibited

1. They were small in size

2. The were large in trust

C. The proof they embodied

1. They possessed the right standard of faith – Obedience to the Word

2. They possessed the right statement of faith – Exaltation of Christ

III. The Challenges of the Church (v. 9-11)

A. The challenge of persecution (v. 9)

1. Criticism will always accompany a move of God

2. Satan will never attack a dead, lifeless church

B. The challenge of perseverance (v. 10-11a)

C. The challenge of protection (v. 11b)

IV. The comfort of the church (v. 12-13)

A. The comfort of His stability

- The eternal, unshakable, secure place in God’s presence

B. The comfort of His safety

- The eternal safety of heaven from sinful influence & death

C. The comfort of His security

- The security of our adoption

- The security of our citizenship

- The security of our recognition

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