Summary: This sermon is about the 6th of the 7 churches that Jesus sent a personal message unto; the church in Philadelphia. Because they had been faithful and kept the commands of Jesus, He gives them an "OPEN DOOR" of anointing that no man, not even Satan could

The Seven Churches of Asia: Sermon #06:

The Church in Philadelphia:

The Faithful Church With an Open Door Anointing


Our text brings us to the 6th of the 7 local churches that Jesus send a "personal Messsage" unto.

The Town of Philadelphia:

Known as "The City of Brotherly Love" Named by a king that greatly loved his brother, the brother’s name was Philadelphia.

Located on a major sea coast route.

However there was a major problem with the town of Philadelphia. It was also located upon an earthquake fault line. In the year A.D. 17 a major earthquake almost completely destroyed this city.

So most people moved outside of the town.

Because many people were afraid to reside in Philadelphia, there was not much work to be found.

The Church in Philadelphia:

One of the things I have noticed as I have studied these churches of Asia Minor, is that they seem to take on the same spirit of their enviroment.

The church in Philadelphia was a "LOVING CHURCH." They loved Christ and they loved one another.

Their love was more than just "words." What was it Jesus said we would do "IF" we really loved Him? He tels us:"If ye love Me, Keep My Commandments." That is the fruit that we can look for and expect to find in people who really love Jesus!

The church in Philadelphia not only "Talked the Talk", they also "Walked the Walk." And Jesus recognized the difference about this congregation of believers. This was A FAITHFUL CHURCH. One of the two local churches that Jesus found FAITHFUL. The other was the church at Smyrna. The 2nd church Jesus wrote to. Jesus found NOTHING CONDEMNING about them.

We need to also be REAL and GENUINE in our walk with Christ.



It is IMPOSSIBLE to have a FAITFHUL CHURCH--- IF --- the people who make up the church --- are not daily living FAITHFUL LIVES! You and I cannot behave like the lost world throughout the week and then come to church on Sunday and expect Christ to consider us "faithful."

What we will find out in this sermon is Jesus Honors Faithfulness! He Rewards Faithfulness!

Good things --- Miraclous things --- are in store for the faithful.

Verse #7 ----- Once again Jesus lets the local church know that He is aware of their lifestyles and their works and deeds. He tells this church in Philadelphia that He knows how that they have HUNG ON!

We do not really know the extent of another’s faithfulness. We see one another mostly at church for a few minutes each week. But Jesus sees us wherever we are. He alone is aware of our faithfulness. At work, at home, at community gatherings. He declares unto this church: "Well done!" You have been faithful servants!

While much of their faithfulness was done "in secret" He was about to reward them for all to see.

There is only "one thing" required for each one of us to serve Christ "faithfully." That is: "A desire to live faithfully." If we have the desire to live faithfully Christ will give us the strength to hang on!


Verse #8

Jesus tells them: "I know that you have little strength."

Philadelphia was the smallest of the seven churches. They had struggled to keep the work going.

They were weak in #’s: Most people want to go to churches with large crowds. So this church wouldn’t be very popular today.It wasn’t even large enough for a soft ball team. What a shame!

They were weak in finances:

They were weak in body and in mind:

They were pressed and burdened.

The possibility of another major earthquake could come at any time. It was common for them to experience daily tremors. These dear saints were afraid "Not" to be faithful. Tragedy could happen anytime.

Dottie Rambo wrote a song several years ago entitled: "Don’t Take My Burden or My Cross Away." In her song she speaks of how our valleys and our burdens play a part in keeping us on our knees in prayer and seking daily strength from Christ.

I believe that each one of us will admit that when life is not going exactly as we think it ought, when hardships come, when pains and sufferings come, we pray more! So these earthly trials are blessings in disquise. They keep us from growing weary!


Although this church in Philadelphia had "little strength" physically they had "great strength" spiritually.

They had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that was REAL!

Verse #8:

Jesus tells them: "You have kept My word."


Church take note to this this morning. There is nothing as important as FAITHFULNESS. Faithfully Keeping Christ’s Commands!


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