Summary: Apathy in church members

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Revelation 3: 15-16

Intro: A. The Church --- The body of Christ consisting of all Christians

B. Many problems to choose from

1. Gossip and Idle talk

2. Busybodies into everyone else’s business

3. Unforgiving attitudes

4. Self- righteousness

5. Lying & cheating

6. False teaching of doctrine

C. I personally believe that there is one problem that the church has that is even more widespread and damaging to the church than these --- That being Apathy

1. Lack of interest or concern --- indifference --- just not caring

I. Apathy in our service to the Lord

A. Apathy in our attendance and growth in our church

1. Over 400 members and 50 to 60 here this morning

(a) Are we happy with that --- Yes?

(b) Not me !!! --- How many services have you missed

(c) How many people who’s name is on our roll did you invite this week

2. Average attendance over the last several months is 54 --- The average attendance in 1990 was 56

(a) Well that’s the pastor’s fault --- There have been 5 pastors during this time

(b) Look around --- How many new members are here because you invited them

3. We say that we want to grow --- but the apathy shows through

B. Apathy in the care and maintenance of the church

1. We say that we want the church to be the nicest building in the community

(a) Were you here on the last work day

(b) When was the last time you had a broom or mop in your hand

(d) But I’m not able to do those things --- Who does them at your house

C. Apathy in who are the teachers and workers in the church

1. I really don’t care who they get to teach the classes --- as long as it’s not me

(a) Our nominating committee can’t take a good hard look to see who is best qualified for the job

--- It’s who is willing to take the job

(b) Apathy causes people to dodge whether God is calling them because they are not willing to put forth the effort

D. Apathy in the business of the church

1. The matter of how the Lords money is spent, The election of people to fill positions of leadership in the church --- Most Church’s have a problem getting a quorum present to vote

E. Apathy in performing your duties after you are elected and agree to do a job

1. Teachers who don’t put in the time to prepare

2. Deacons in name only

3. Musicians and song directors who just show up to do what they have to do

4. Pastors who never visit - work 12-15 hours per week - and get their sermon outlines off of the Internet or out of a book

F. God is not pleased with any half effort to serve him --- Luke warm is no good

II. Apathy of Christians in the world around us

A. Apathy when the government does away with Christ

1. We were not concerned when prayer was taken out of school

2. We turned our backs when we were told that the Bible couldn’t be read or taught

3. We licensed patiently while Baptist seminary professors refuted the Bible

4. We are allowing the murder of millions of unborn children with the right to choose

5. We sit and watch as our children are taught through TV and the media that Homosexuality isn’t sin- It’s just an alternative lifestyle

6. We ignore the Lord’s name being taken in vain all around us every day

7. We accept the fact that couples committing adultery and fornication are the normal

8. We tolerate able bodied people living without working to keep the peace

9. We elect officials solely on what they can do for us in the economy --- morality isn’t an issue

B. What is it going to take to wake up the Christians in this world

1. What would it take to shock you

2. We have become so tolerant to sin that we expect it

III. Worst of all --- Apathy in soul winning

A. How can we expect the lost to be concerned with their eternal soul --- we’re not

B. Hell is real --- just like Alaska or China or the moon

1. It’s not something that is in the Bible to scare people

2. It’s not like Alice in wonderland or Jack and the bean stalk

3. It is a real place and real people are going there

4. Real people like your neighbor, or relative, or friend, or co-worker

C. Hell is a place of torment and flame

1. The Bible is very descriptive of Hell

2. Graphically descriptive

D. Hell is sure

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