Summary: When we cooperate with God our lives are fulfilled.


"BE confident of this very thing, that He which has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of His return".

* Understand that even when others give up on you or even when you give up on yourself. GOD WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!!

* He has good plans for your life but because He has given us a free will He will only be able to accomplish His plans as you cooperate with Him.


#1) God’s work continues as we cooperate with Him.

A. Being saved is one thing but God whant’s us to go behond just being saved.

B. If we cooperate with Him we will be sure to find His will for our lives in the pages of His book. This is how God has chosen to communicate His will to us, through the word.

C. If you are in the word then you won’t need someone messing up your hair or yelling in your face to communicate God’s will for your life. YOU CAN LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF!!!, IT’S IN THE BOOK!!!

#2) If we work with God we will be sure to find our way into the closet of prayer. Prayer is the way that we communicate with God and nothing else and no one else can replace it.

A. This is where we tell Him how we feel, we tell Him about our fears and insecurities.

B. In our closet of prayer we also thank Him for what He has done and what He is doing.

C. Don’t expect someone else to do it for you. If you whant to be closer to God, you need to have your own time with Him.

#3) If we work with God we must let the church be the church in our lives. Again, nothing or no one can replace the church. Not waching the tv evangelist or anything else.

A. It’s in the church that we experience His presence and His love.

B. Through the church we recieve encouragement and comfort.

C. Through the church we recieve discipline and correction. Everyone else will tell you what you whant to hear but in the church you will get what you need to hear[THE TRUTH].

#4) If we work with God we wll be responsive to The Holy Spirit.

A. He help’s us to pray correctly.

B. He teaches us.

C. He gives us the strengh that we need.

D. He convicts us when we get off track.

C. And God’s work in us will be completed when the Lord returns(Phil.1:6).

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