Summary: what is involved in carrying out the great commission

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Matthew 28: 18-20


A. Before Jesus ascended unto the Father, He gave

instructions to His church

1. He gave us these instructions because:

a. He wanted us to know what our purpose as a church is

b. He didn’t want us to get sidetracked from that purpose

c. We can get so busy doing good things that we neglect

to do the best things

2. In these verses, we see that the church has been charged

to evangelize a lost world

a. That evangelization is to be aggressively carried out--

we are to go into the world and not wait for them to

come to us

b. Evangelizing a lost world is as simple as sharing our


c. If we share the gospel, God will anoint it and we will

see some come to know Christ as Savior

3. Then, we are commanded to baptize those who receive

Jesus as Savior

a. The new believer is to be baptized as an act of

obedience to Christ

b. The new believer is to be baptized as an act of public

testimony to Christ

c. That new believer is to be baptized as an act of

identifying with Jesus and His church

B. Tonight, let’s notice the third command Jesus gave to His

church-- teaching the to observe all things whatsoever I

have commanded you



A. He has commanded us to love one another

1. John 15:12 This is My commandment, That ye love one

another as I have loved you

a. If we love one another it will reveal itself in the way to

treat one another

b. Loving one another will enable us to fulfill the rest of the

one another commands in the Bible

c. If we love one another, we will bear one another’s


d. If we love one another, we will confess our faults to one

another and pray for one another

e. If we love one another, we will forgive one another

f. If we love one another, we will edify or build one

another up

2. Paul says the entire law is summed up by loving your

neighbor as yourself

3. Jesus gave us this command because He knew that the

world would know that we are of Him if we love one


B. Jesus has commanded us to be faithful

1. He wants us to be faithful in our devotion to Him

a. Jesus rebuked the church at Ephesus because they had

allowed their first love for Him to cool

b. Jesus condemned the half hearted and lukewarm

devotion of the church at Laodecea

c. The world is constantly going to demand that we turn

from a love for Christ and love it

d. Satan is always going to put hardships in our path

designed to cause us to doubt God’s love for us

e. In spite of it all, Jesus’ command is still, Love Me with

all your heart soul and strength

2. Jesus wants us to be faithful in the duties that He has

assigned us

a. It is required in a steward that a man be found faithful

b. He wants us to be faithful in our duties to our families

c. He wants us to be faithful in sharing our faith

d. He wants us to be faithful in our church

responsibilities-- teachers, deacons, officers

e. Jesus wants us to be obedient to obey what He has said

in His word



A. We are to teach these commands

1. Since these commands are found in the Bible, we are to

teach the Bible

2. The pattern for this kind of discipleship is seen in II

Timothy 2: 2

a. We are to teach what we have been taught to faithful


b. These faithful people will then teach what they have

learned to others

3. Why the command is to teach faithful people

a. We are to teach faithful people because our teaching is

to build on what has been taught-- line upon line and

precept upon precept

b. We are to teach faithful people because they will put

into practice what has been taught

4. Teaching and growing disciples is a lifetime effort

a. Some we teach will blossom, grow and be productive


b. Some will turn away from the truth and break our hearts

5. Our responsibility is to be faithful and teach

B. Older believers are to teach new converts to observe these

commands by setting an example

1. Often, our example speaks louder than our words

2. Here is where we have often failed as a church

3. Preachers, deacons and teachers have often failed to give

an example that our newer believers can follow

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