Summary: 7 points of thought on what should be done with the commands of our Lord.

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The Commands of God


* Much has been said recently regarding the 10 commandments. It seems as if they have become more like 10 options or 10 opinions than Oracles of God.

* Command- (Def) An order by an authority, an instruction to be carried out.

A directive, mandate, decree laid down as a principle or

practice. The directive for a course of action.

* The Bible is the word of God and it contains His commandments. There are more than 10. His commands are not negotiable, negatable nor can they be nullified. (1st Jn. 2:3-7)

* Scripture for laying the ground work of this sermon:

Ecc. 12:13.…Matt 22:37.…Jn. 14:15.…Matt. 28:20.…1st Jn 5:3.…

Ps. 19:8

* Deuteronomy 6 teaches that the Commands of God should be…

I. Learned

* vs. 1 God wants us to be taught His word.

* not debated, diluted, or disregarded. Taught.

* learned, valued and appreciated.

II. Preformed

* vs.1 “do them”……do we?

* vs. 3a “do it” ….even this in itself is a command.

III. Understood

* vs. 4-5 a reverential awe + wonder = fear

* Prvs. 1:7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge ( which

Leads to wisdom and understanding

IV. Enjoyed

* vs. 2b “long life” length of days

* vs. 3b “well with thee” blessing and prosperity

V. Bequeathed

* vs. 2b “sons and sons son” leave to your coming generations

* vs. 7 in every teachable situation

* vs. 20-25 so they can tell the whole story

VI. Incorporated

* vs. 8-9 into your whole life

VII. Remembered

* vs. 10-12 Obeying Gods commands …..not our own strength got us


** To the lost God commands all men to repent and believe. Acts (17:30)

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