Summary: How did Jesus react as He saw people hurting and oppressed?

The Compassion Of Jesus

Matthew 9:35-38

I) GO as Jesus went. (v.35)

A) Where did he go?

1) He went into the cities and villages.

II) SEE as Jesus saw. (v.36)

A) He saw the multitudes.

1) He saw that they needed healing.

2) He saw that they needed help.

3) He saw that they needed hope.

III) FEEL as Jesus felt. (v.36)

A) He was moved with compassion.

1) He saw their weariness.

2) He saw their unstability.

IV) SAY what Jesus said. (v.37)

A) The harvest is truly plentiful.

B) But the laborers are few.

V) DO what Jesus did. (v.38)

A) Pray that the Lord would send out laborers.

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