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Summary: There is great expense in following Christ.

Being a Disciple

Luke 14:26-27

I. There is great expense to being a disciple

A. You have to love Christ more than those around you.

1. Christ must be the first priority for you.

2. Do you express more love to your family than you do to God?

3. Would you lay down your life for God?

4. Would you fight to protect the interests of God?

5. Is God on your mind, no matter where you are?

6. Do you feel a void if you miss time with God?

7. Do you use your talents to meet needs in God’s Kingdom?

B. You have to love Christ more than you love yourself.

1. Means putting God’s desires in front of your own.

2. Means taking risks, because God asks you to. (Military: jump, how


3. Willingness to sacrifice personal comfort

4. Willingness to put yourself in harm’s way

5. Willingness to give up personal time and freedom to spend time doing

God’s will.

II. Must take up your own cross and follow

A. The cross is heavy

1. Being a disciple is hard work

2. Only by carrying the cross do we become stronger

3. The cross is a priveledge to carry

4. Carrying the cross identifies us with Christ

5. The cross symbolizes the death of our old self

B. Following

1. You do not have voice as to destination, direction or route

2. Where the leader goes you go

3. Sometimes you may be taken up steep hills over jagged terrain

4. You can always take comfort in the fact that Christ is out in front

leading the way.

5. Once we reach our final destination the journey will be worthwhile.

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