Summary: Itrust that by now we have come to learn that according to the book of Joshua that Canaan corresponds to the land of full blessing and victory

The Victory Side of Life#3

The Cost of Victory by Gerald Van Horn

Joshua 2:1-24

I trust that by now we have come to learn that according to the book of Joshua that Canaan of the Old Testament corresponds to the land of full blessing and victory. This same place is waiting for every child of God and was purchased by Jesus Christ on the cross. Jesus brought us out of sin that He might bring us into full blessing.

This cannot be reached by keeping rules or moral attainments alone for it is entrusted to a single person. In our text this person is Joshua. In our spiritual walk this person is Jesus. God has promised it but it must be attained by faith.

We now come to an important part of our journey. In the book of Joshua, Israel had come to the border of Canaan but are now commanded to wait. Joshua1:10-11. The most difficult thing for anyone to do is wait. James 5:7 says “be patient while you wait”. God has a purpose in our waiting. I want us to think about our waiting time and what it will cost us to enter Canaan.

1. We must wait for there are souls to be saved. v.2:1

Two spies are sent to Jericho. It’s business as usual in the city but it was under the judgment of Almighty God. There is no need to compromise with the inhabitants. In two weeks God would destroy this proud city. Within is a woman that needed salvation. The Bible calls her a harlot. She did have a faith in God however small that it was. She had heard of the Israelites God and how He was with Israel.

Rahab, the harlot, is mentioned in the book of Hebrews 11:31. In the book of James she is also mentioned that her works evidenced her faith. James 2:25 It was her confidence in God and the promise given her that she placed the scarlet thread. Because of her faith she became a shareholder in the blessings of God. This woman’s faith produced works and her works brought her the blessings.

Whenever there is a soul to be saved God’s Army must wait. As Jesus makes His way to the cross He must wait for one woman to save as He hears her cries, “Thou, Jesus have mercy upon me.” Matthew 15:22. One feeble sick soul was in need of His touch. He had set His face to go to Jerusalem to fulfill His purpose but the Son of Man must wait.

We live in a world under the judgment of God. I hear some say; “we must catch the spirit of the age.” God forbid it! We must rebuke the spirit of this age and challenge it to seek the Savior’s love and mercy. There is a Saviour Who’s blood speaks and declares that judgment must wait until every soul has heard of His marvelous grace.

Did Rahab have faith? She had never met God. She had in fact heard of the God of Israel

and how He gave great victory to His people. She saw the supernatural evidences in the lives of God’s people. All the people fainted before the Armies of the Lord and terror gripped the people. What a potent factor in the saving of souls!

* Suppose you were taken into court and judged for being a Christian. Would there be enough evidence to convict you?

2. We must wait while a separation takes place.

What was Joshua doing all this time? We turn to Numbers 32 to find out. He was addressing the two and half tribes, Rueben, Gad and Manassah. These two and half tribes found a fertile land outside of Canaan and they entreated Moses, “We want to stay here and not go into Canaan.” Moses agreed to let them stay where they were at but they must do their part and lead in the battles for Canaan. Then they could return. They agreed to do so. Joshua 1:10-13.

Now Joshua reminds them of their bargain. They said, “All that thou commandest us we will do, and whithersoever thou sendest us, we will go.” V.16 Sounds reasonable but stop and think for a moment. They still possessed a desire for the wilderness and to return to it.

History records what happened to these tribes as they were the first to go into captivity.. They went down in defeat and into bondage even though for a time they were led into great blessing. “For the division of Reubon there was great searching of heart..” Judges 5:16.

They tasted victory but were trapped and ensnared by their own lusts.

Under the bloodstained banner of the cross there is hope for every child of God. Even if faith be weak or strong. Christ Jesus has lifted the whole church into heavenly places. This position of victory is solely based upon the finished work of the Lord. We must make the choice. We can either claim victory or go back into Canaan. Let’s not be snared by the devil. Claim what is rightfully yours today.

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