Summary: Finding New Testament truths in through Old Testament Covenants

Tonight begin discussing covenants of God

Start with covenant of Creation

We will work our way to the new covenant- the greatest covenant

Covenant of Creation

Covenant with Adam

Covenant with Noah

Covenant with Abraham

Covenant of Sinai

Covenant with David

The New Covenant

Most people think the gospel starts is Matthew

The gospel starts in Genesis- the good news is Jesus returning us to the beauty of the Garden

The most hard headed guy you’ll ever meet is God

People talk about strong willed kids, people

God has always had a plan, and he has never changed his mind

When he made the world and man, he had a plan for both

The gospel starts in Genesis, this was the beginning of God’s plan

God did not create us to be defeated, and live in the shape that were in

And he didn’t create the world to be in the shape that it’s in

Let me prove that creation was a covenant

Jeremiah 33:20-21 called day and night a covenant

What is a covenant? It’s an unbreakable agreement, a treaty

Vs. 25

God has made a covenant with the moon, stars, sun, trees,

God spoke to them and they responded

Just like the covenant with us- He speaks, we respond

Gen 1:26-28

1. Man is the image of God

2. Man would have dominion- not just the “CHURCH” ----man

3. 2:1-3- Sabbath Rest- man need rest- Weren’t made to work all the time

religion teaches, man was made for the Sabbath –

other way around- The Sabbath was made for us

4. Marriage- another part of the covenant- God created marriage, not man

Man doesn’t get to change the rules of marriage- God created it

Has nothing to do w/ attacking or speaking against anyone, it’s covenant

“Man and woman” have the right to be married”

I’ve been ridiculed for marrying unbelievers-

The same people would judge them if they’re not

1. Man was made in the image of God

Psalm 8 Expound

Man can never experience victory- find out what he was made for

JUNGLE BOOK- boy raised by lions, thought he belonged in forest

Once he saw that girl- he saw a purpose he didn’t know he had

Church once we figure out- where we belong- we’ll thrive

Who am I- The direct image of God

God didn’t have a body when he said this

So it’s not our bodies that look like God

God told Moses at the bush- Tell them “I AM”

Not the I was, or I’m gonna be

He’s the great I am, You are a little I am-

Animals don’t know they’re here-

They don’t question their existence


Men and Women Judge- Why?

God judges----- animals don’t

We Create-Why? God creates----- animals don’t

We Paint – Why?-God paints------animals don’t

Build hosp. - God cares for hurting people---

animals don’t

Man has the image of God- That’s why we must love all people

Not all are going to Heaven, but they were made in His image

2. God said, take dominion- I’ve said it before, it’s not up to God the change the world

God gave us the dominion over the Earth-

Are we using God’s power

Too many Christians going, “God when are you going to do something?”

GENESIS 2:18-22

God brought the animals to Adam- So we would know adam greater that the animals-


God could have said, “THAT IS THE STUPIDEST NAME”

God has owner ship of his creation- we have stewardship

The earth is the Lord’s he owns it, we’re taking care of it- RENTING

God made a covenant- When he gave us stewardship, we still have it

God is hard headed

God told us to take dominion-

If he was to take dominion- going against his word

3. Gen 2:1-3

Sabbath rest- God wasn’t tired

Means- Creation was finished- nothing left to add or take away

Painter sighs when he’s done- so perfect so complete

Like when Jesus was done with his work- He sat down

Exodus 20:8 everybody says, “KEEP THE SABBATH”

Said REMEMBER- It was already here- how did it get here

Covenant of creation

We should rest, and recharge- RECREATION, RE-CREATION

Take vacations-

Try taking one with my wife> Work Hard

Man takes the Sabbath, and says it’s SUNDAY- It’s not


SABBATH WORSIPPERS Say- you can’t...on the Sabbath

YOu cant’...on the Sabbath

If Sunday’s Sabbath- I violate it every Sunday

I work hard on Sundays

VS. 9- People need to work

Hebrews 4

Jesus is our Sabbath rest, TODAY IS THAT DAY

When I am in him- I am in rest- WE SHOULD STILL REST

What day did Jesus come out of the tomb-

God was being our Sabbath rest


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