Summary: an exposition on Matt ch 26


Matthew 26 v. 1 - 16

1. The Revelation of the Cross v. 1 & 2 "the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified"

(a) The nearness of His death v. 2 "after two days"

(b) The nature of His death v. 2 "betrayed to be crucified"

(c) The necessity of His death v. 2 "the passover" - explains :-

(1) The need for redemption (Israel in the house of bondage, under the sentence of death)

(2) The nature of redemption (centred in the lamb) - the lamb was to be selected (no blemish), to be separated, to be slain, and was sufficient for all the house.

(3) The neglect of redemption (death ensued) when the angel passed over,

Hebrews 2 v. 3 "how shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation?" Here is :-

(A) A great certanity "salvation"

(B) A great possibility "neglect"

(C) A great impossibility "escape"

2. The Preparation for the Cross v. 3 - 5, v. 3 "then assembled the chief priests"

(a) A significant plot - chief priests, scribes and elders i.e.the Sanhedrin

(b) A subtle plot v. 4 by subtletly or deception

(c) A serious plot v. 4 and kill Him

(d) A sinful plot v. 2 beause of who is betrayed?, the Son of man, because of when he is betrayed? in the passover, because of what he was betrayed for? he was betrayed to be crucified,and because of why he was betrayed? they had rejected Him.

(e) A soverign plot i.e. God was still in control - v. 18 "my time is at hand". of the The person - Lord, the place - Jerusalem, the period - passover, and the purpose - redemption

3. The Celebration in the Cross v. 12 "she did it for my burial"

Note:- The woman’s appreciation of the cross

(a) Her worship was expressed v. 7 she poured it on His head

Note :-

loves expression, loves extravagance (poured),and loves enterprise.

(b) Her worship was examined v. 8 "to what purpose is this waste?"

(1) The Cause of indignation - Judas

(2) The Consequences of it v. 10 "why trouble ye the woman?"

(3) The Cure for indignation - the Lord’s response "she hath wrought a good work upon me"

(c) Her worship was explained v. 12 "she did it for my burial"

(d) Her worship was extolled v. 13 -" this shalt be told for a memorial of her"

She saw an opportunity of service (a passing opportunity)

She saw an opportunity of sacrifice (a precious opportunity)

She saw an opportunity of surrender (a parting opportunity)

4.The Indignation at the Cross v. 14 - 16. v. 14 "then one of the twelve"

Here we see Judas in his final resolve

(a) The course of his conduct v. 14 - went unto the chief priests - why? - offended at the rebuke, or discouraged at the cross.

(b) The cause of his conduct v. 15 "what will ye give me?" - selfishness

(c) The cost for his conduct v. 15 - 30 pieces of silver - "what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?"

(d) The consequences of his conduct v. 16 "from that time" - it was the beginning of the end for Judas.

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