Summary: A look at Jesus and the crown that he wore here on earth the Crown of thorns.

The Crown of Thorns

Matthew 27:27-29

I. Introduction

A. What a Decision Pilate Had to Make!

1. He had to judge the Judge of all the earth

2. He had to decide between Christ and the crowd

3. We must each do the same

B. Pilate Offered the Crowd Jesus or Barabbas

1. The Master or the murderer

2. Jesus took Barabbas’ place. . . and yours and mine

C. The Whipping, the Mocking, the Crown of Thons

II. Message

A. They Placed a Crown upon Jesus but Did Not Make Him Their King

1. The soldiers dressed Jesus as a king

a. The scarlet robe

b. The crown of thorns

c. They were only pretending

2. Many pretend that Jesus is their king

a. He seems to be king at church, but not at home

b. He seems to be king before believers, but not at work

3. The crown of thorns hurt Jesus, brought blood from His brow

a. When we only pretend we hurt our Lord

b. Let’s really make Him king of our lives

B. They Praised Jesus but Did Not Mean What They Said

1. "Hail, King of the Jews"

a. These were words of praise

b. But they were mocking words

2. Many say things about Jesus they do not mean

a. Many songs are but lies

b. Many commitments are never carried out

c. Many testimonies don’t ring true

3. Jesus deserves our total dedication

4. Let’s give Him our lives without reservation

C. They Knelt as to Worship Jesus but It Was All Form

1. How deeply His heart must have been grieved!

2. In bowing they were just going through empty motions

a. They hit Him with a reed

b. They spat upon Him

c. They wounded Him and now pretended to worship Him

3. So it is with many today

a. Too many theatrics

b. Too little theology

4. Jesus deserves worship from our hearts; nothing less


A. The Challenges before Us

1. To give the Lord control of our lives

2. To praise the Lord from the depths of our hearts

3. To worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth

B. Let the World Know He Is Really Our Savior and King

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