Summary: why we should cry out to God

Intro: Jeanie Mayo’s cry—a man had slipped into the girls dorm and was at her door one night during the holidays—so very few people were on campus—she screamed out in terror—the man took off—God spoke to her that night, that if she would cry out to Him throughout her life, He would always be there for her. She now has a wonderful ministry

The Cry

Exodus 2:23-25, 3:7

Israel was in an impossible situation: they were captives to the strongest nation in the world: Egypt for 400 years—but they cried out and God heard them, saw the situation, and remembered all his promises to Abraham—and God moved in.

God Hears

God Remembers

God Sees

God Responds

I. God Hears: if you are facing difficult or impossible situations in your life, the first thing you must always realized is that God is as close as the mention of his name.

He hears: his line is never busy, his ear is always open, and desires you to call unto him: so that he can show you great and mighty things that you knoweth not

Ill) I love lucy—Ricky with his face stuck in the paper-Lucy says things he only grunts—so she starts saying things like, I am going to go out today and buy all new furniture and he says, fine dear

God responds to desperation, intensity—if our prayers aren’t important to us, they will not be important to God

God responds to faith: without faith it is impossible to please God

II. God Remembers: God had made a covenant with Abraham to be with his descendants. Even though they had forgotten God, God had not forgotten them.

a. Covenant: salt---two people would both bring bags of salt, and then both put their salt together. The only way to break the covenant would to remove their salt out of the bags—impossible to do—that is God’s Covenant with us: he said—I will never deny you—even if you deny me—for I cannot deny Myself-

b. Jesus wrote his New Testament in blood—to show how committed God is to us: he gave his Son’s life for ours.

c. Isaiah 49: 16- I have graven you in the palms of my hands, thy walls are continually before me—God has you carved on his hands

Ill) visiting people over the years I have noticed that the refrigerators of America are now billboards for grandchildren. With magnetic frames, you see all the grandchildren—so every time gram or gramp go to the fridge—they are reminded of those they love—

III. God Sees---sometimes we feel like no one else knows what we are going through, what we are facing—but the truth is that God sees—

a. how weak we are in the struggles of life—to others we may seem strong and able to handle everything: but God sees our weaknesses—His strength is made perfect in our weakness

b. how the enemy is working against us: we can’t see all the moves of the devil, but Gods sees them—and makes a way where there is no way: Ill) years ago a very famous picture of a chess match was painted: it was called checkmate---it had been placed in a gallery for viewing and a world champion chess master looked at the picture: after a few minutes he declared: there is a move that can save them. He saw a move that had been overlooked---one where there would not be a checkmate. God sees the moves that we cannot see. In Corinthians he declares: he will make a way for escape—

IV. He Responds: God is not the God of inactivity: but active, alert and ready to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we can ask or think—

a. with open doors: I open and no man shuts---

b. miracle power: nothing is impossible with God

c. supernatural abundance: I will supply all your needs according to my riches in glory

ill) years ago in Puerto Rico I got caught in the under tow, it was taking me our further and further—a lifeguard came out and help me get to the beach: sometimes in life you may feel that the undertow is pulling you out to sea: but God hears and sees and responds: he will carry you.

Close: cry out to God, cry out to Jesus—he hears the cries of his people. People told blind Bartemaes to quiet down when Jesus was passing by: but the bible said, he cried the more: Jesus stopped and he got his miracle. Don’t let the world stop you from crying out to Jesus—don’t miss your miracle by not crying out to God.

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