Summary: Satan uses four primary things to hinder the move of God and they all start with the letter D: D1 = Deception D2 = Distraction D3 = Discouragement D4 = Doubt

D1 - Whenever God is trying to deliver or empower His people the Enemy will use Deception to derail or detain the process that God want you to start and complete. (Acts 1:8) clearly tells us the purpose for Pentecost...To empower the Church to win the world to Jesus Christ. Yet WE (Pentecostals) have been deceived into believing the Pentecost experience was given so we can "re-create The Upper-Room experience on a weekly basis, Jesus told the 12, The 70, and the rest of the Upper Room inhabitants to GO!!!! Go where? Jerusalem, Judea, and the uttermost parts of the WORLD. Did they go? NO! They stayed in Jerusalem until God allowed persecution to come and scatter them. Only Phillip the DEACON was OBEDIENT to the REAL MOVE of the Holy Ghost and he went to minister to the Ethiopian Eunuch and to the Samaritans. We are equally guilty, we have ben deceived into believing the Holy Ghost experience is so we can have a weekly "house party" He wants it to be a BLOCK PARTY!!!!

D2 - Distractions are the enemies specialty if he take your focus off of the main issue, for us it is JESUS death - burial - resurrection then he slows down the church drastically I'm only going to focus on 2 distractions tonight....Money and Sex, when you study the Bible these two things derailed more men and women that anything else. Jesus said we cannot serve two master (Mammon or God) so what happened in the 70's? THE PROSPERITY GOSPEL!!! Mammon became the NEW GOD! Jim Bakker, Oral Roberts, and Rev Ike and others convinced the church that MONEY was God and the church fell hook line and sinker. Soul winning became an afterthought and prosperity became the focus.

D3 - Discouragement hits ALL of us at different times. But the MAIN reason we get discouraged is because we are in the FLESH and NOT walking in the SPIRIT. We often get easily offended and bruised because of a lack of discernment and not seeing the work of the enemy from afar off.

D4 - Doubt creeps in when we stop focusing on the Word of God! We walk by faith and NOT by sight. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God! Yeah we have all heard these verses but how often to we apply them DAILY?

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