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Summary: "Opening up the claims of the DaVinci code. In the search for truth."

Seek the truth, the Da Vinci code is cracked!’

Since April 2003, the Da Vinci code has been on the New York best sellers list infact two years later it has become a best seller in over a 150 countries selling over 40 million copies and written in 42 different languages. It has made Dan Brown a very rich man. As we speak he writing a sequel and the book is already a film, which was released on the 19th May in the UK. The Davinci code is a book everybody is talking about causing a major stir amongst sceptics and Christians alike.

The trailer of the movie calls us to seek truth!

It was Winston Churchill who said, "people often stumble over truth but sadly pick themselves up and wipe themselves down as though nothing has happened." Hopeful people will do just that with this book because its difficult to decipher where the truth begins and the lies Kick in.

In fact it was Jesus who said "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free". Dan Browns book will certainly not set you free but will ultimatly fill you with unbelief if you are not grounded on your Church history.

At the heart of the Davinci code is the desire For the book’s main characters Thomas Langdon who is a Harvard symbologist. Have you ever heard of a Symbologist? (Its artistic licence) and Sophie Neveu a Cryptographer and a member of the French police and have the desire to Seek the truth. After the assassination of Jacques Sauniere who happens to be Sophie grandfather. It sends them on a journey to seek the truth about the Holy Grail. As the plot thickens we find out that the Church has surpressed the truth for centuries about Jesus Christ, the Bible and Mary Magdalene. It is one huge conspiracy theory if unearthed will shake the foundations of Christianity forever.

Why is there such an interest?

Why all the fuss Aubrey? Its just a fictional book. But it’s more than that, people are starting to call this sort of work factional The author claims to have given the world a fictional, fact based conspiracy theory. On the title pages of the book the author claims.

Under the heading Fact he writes All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals in this novel are accurate.

If Dan Browns claims are true that the documents unearthed reveal a conspiracy, Christianity will crumble it’s the beginning of the end. Of course it won’t because what we do find within his book is misinformed history. And no credible historian would ever but his name to.

By claiming up front that ¨All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals in this novel are accurate.¨ the reader is left with the impression that Dan Brown is a historian and his claims credible. But the truth is that Dan Brown is a schoolteacher and novelist who writes fiction. He cites no accepted historians or NT scholars to back up any of his claims. This is because his work is fiction and there is no need for foot notes to substantiate his historical framework.

Margaret M. Mitchell is Associate Professor of New Testament at the University of Chicago Divinity School and the Chair of the Department of New Testament and Early Christian Literature says about the Da Vinci Code. "It was a quick romp, largely fun to read, if rather predictable and preachy. This is a good airplane book, a novelistic thriller that presents a rummage sale of accurate historical nuggets alongside falsehoods and misleading statements."

Personal I think Margaret Mitchell is being a little bit to generous when she talks about accurate historical nuggets. I found it a complete fabrication of twisted historical truth a complete faulty history narrative.

The story that Dan Brown has given us is a fictional story but what brings the story alive is his account of the historical backdrop. Which is trying to rewrite history itself with a huge conspiracy theory. No fictional author would ever consider distorting history to the extent he has done, this is how bad it is imagine if Dan Brown was to write fictional book with a historical background from world war two:

Within those pages it’s suggesting that 6 million Jews were not killed, Hitler didn’t lose the war infact he won it, and went over to Britain and put Churchill on trial and hung him then flew over to Washington and put Roosevelt on trial. This is a complete alternate history which is a complete lie.

That is what Dan Brown has done with the Divinci code its as bad as that. His historical claims are misleading.

In fact Investigative Journalist David Shutgarts in his book Secrets of the code¨ Says that he has listed 69 factual errors, 8 of which are trivial but 61 are significant errors of fact or history. Its means that two out of three of his Dan Browns facts are actually false.

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