Summary: Being used of God doesnt require impossible situations, more often than not He uses us in our daily routines.

God’s power is available to every one of His children.

John 1:12 (KJV)

12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:

This verse tells us that all believers in Jesus Christ become children of God, placing us in a position of authority. But it’s not our authority to use any way that we wish; it’s His authority in us. In other words this power is not to be used as we choose but as He chooses. How many want to be used of God? Here’s the bottom line…

God not only wants to use you He strongly desires to use you. But I have a feeling, and it’s probably because of the pulpit, that many people are looking for the dramatic to happen before they feel they can be used of God. They’re looking for a Goliath to pop up or they’re looking for a Red Sea standing in their way or they’re looking for a fiery furnace to walk through. But I want us to look at this from a different perspective this morning, because I believe God simply wants to use us in our daily routines. How many have ever heard of Billy Graham… Billy Sunday… Mordecai Hamm… anybody who knows the story of Billy Graham’s conversion knows that some business men in NC wanted to get Billy Sunday to come and hold a crusade in their town but he couldn’t make it so they asked a lesser known preacher by the name of Mordecai Hamm to preach it. During one of the services a group of young men walked in but there was no place to sit. They were ready to leave when an usher walked up to them and seized the moment. There was just enough seats in the choir… would you like to come and sit in the choir, he asked them. He didn’t know it, but this was a God moment. He had no idea that God had orchestrated this whole event, for this was the night that Billy Graham would walk out of a choir and come to an altar and gives his heart to the Lord. This was a moment that would be used to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals around this world. And even though the names normally mentioned in this story are Billy Sunday and Billy Graham and Mordecai Hamm, there’s also the unknown usher. Just imagine if he hadn’t been available. Imagine if he hadn’t been aware of his surroundings. He would have missed out on being used by God, Billy Graham would have walked out a sinner and millions of people around this world including kings and presidents would have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, let me say something, there was no chorus of angels proclaiming a God moment. Gabriel didn’t show up to encourage him to seat these young men in the choir. He didn’t have a prophet of God that had prophesied over him weeks before saying … on such and such a day you will be working as an usher in a tent revival and a group of young men will show up but there will be no place to seat them.

But behold look unto the choir for a section will be available for them to sit and one of those young men will believe and God will use him to preach the Gospel around the world. No, this usher had no idea how holy a moment it was. And that’s my point with this message; every day that we live is a holy moment. At any second of your life God can use you to do the miraculous without you even knowing it. God wants to use you, are you ready to be used.

I was praying the other day and quoted this scripture…

Psalms 118:24 (NIV)

24 This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

As soon as I said it the Lord spoke to me and said yes it is. But I’ve not only made this day I’ve also ordered the steps of My people in this day, pray that you’ll see them and walk in them.

Can I tell you something this morning… the only reason you’re alive today is because God has ordered your steps to be alive. There’s a reason that there’s breath in your lunges. There’s a reason there’s a beat in your heart. There’s a reason you have a healthy brain. God has a purpose for you. Yes, this is a day the Lord has made. And yes we will rejoice and be glad in it. But inside of this God made day there are footsteps that have been ordered by God for you to walk in. And here’s the great thing about it…

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