Summary: There are times when we are looking for help in Christ we need to stay stationary and keep our focus on the hill where all of our help comes from.

The Danger of Making Your Move Too Soon

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence, cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which make heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2

My brothers and sisters, I wonder if there’s anybody here who have played a game of checkers or chess and found that you had run out of moves or that you made your move too soon. It’s frustrating when your opponent has all of your board pieces and he has you cornered on all sides with no way out. Those are the times when you are outnumbered, your kings are gone and every place on the board will result in a tremendous loss. In chess, it’s the time when your opponent has placed you in a position of check. Your opponent has all of the knights, bishops, kings and queens and you find yourself as a defenseless pawn, surrounded on every side. That’s the time you hear those chilling words from your opponent, ”It’s your move!” Oh brothers and sisters, when there are no moves left, and defeat is sure, there are some folk who will throw in the towel to save time, but then they soon found out that they made their move too soon. When the doctor shakes his head and tell you some discouraging news, without consulting Dr. Jesus, you leave the doctor’s office with a hung down head, you’ve made you move too soon.

When the bills are due and you didn’t know where the money was coming from, so instead of you calling the Supplier of all of your needs, you go to your friends but you found out that they were having problems too, you made your move too soon. When the children won’t do right, when that husband or wife won’t do right, instead of you calling on the Wonderful Counselor, you call on Dr. Phil or Dr. Ruth, oh brothers and sisters, you made your move too soon. And I think I ought to tell you that there is a danger is making your move too soon. When you consult others before consulting God, you miss out on the blessings of God. Even the Bible tells us where to go first. It said seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you. No matter what the situation or how hard the circumstance, we must act on it and face it. Oh brothers and sisters, it doesn’t matter whether it’s ping pong, checkers, football, tennis or the game of life, sooner or later the ball of life is going to be on our side of the court and you will find yourself in a situation where you will have to make a move, but what you do is don’t make your move too soon. You got to understand that life gives us some challenging plays.

Sometimes when we think we have made our best move it seems like things line up against us. We give some efforts on our best shot and there are times when they don’t succeed. There are times when we play our inspiring phrase in our minds “it’s your move!” And you got to understand that that principle even applies to our spiritual lives and our relationship to God. God gives to us and we slap Him in the face with disobedience. God makes big moves on our behalf and He gives us comfort, yet we turn our backs on Him. Oh brothers and sisters, there are times when we are at the point in our lives when the Lord has to put trouble in our way because we feel that we don’t need Him any more but it is in the midst of our struggle that we find God telling us, “It’s your move, but don't make your move too soon!” As Christians, we know that Christ lives in us, but the question is, are we living in Him. Everyday in this walk of life, we ought to move like God wants us to move all because it is in Him that we live and move and have our being. Oh brothers and sisters, our text focuses on the pilgrim song of Israel, which was usually sung by those on the move.

It was those who came to Zion to worship, pray and ask God for help. Many of them

journeyed for days just to sit in the presence of God to ask Him of divine blessings upon their actions and souls. They trusted God with all their hearts. So, as they moved closer to Zion, they sung of their anticipation to receive help from God once they reached Zion. These were the songs of hope and inspiration that inspired them to reach higher and trust God more as they made one move after another. Oh brothers and sisters, David, who wrote this Psalm, knew all about making moves and looking to God for help. David, as a young man, was constantly on the move. His life was filled with actions that placed him in one position or the other. Oh brothers and sisters, David moved from the safety of his father’s house to the darkness of a pasture where he kept watch over the sheep. It turned out to be a good move, because it was while David was in the pasture that he learned to trust God to help him fight lions and bears as he protected the sheep. Somebody here know what I’m talking about. I don’t know about you, but I can testify that have been times in my life when the Lord had to fight my battles.

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