Summary: The day God repented of creating Man

One of my parishioners came to me and said, "I have some questions on Immutability." If God is unchanging and unchangeable and by Scripture, He is the same yesterday, today and forever - He changes not. Genesis 6:6 "The Lord was sorry that He made man on the earth,

and He was grieved in His heart." He repented of

creating man. Since God is perfectly symmetrical and perfectly unified and integrated, could He change His mind and heart regarding man, without changing His

essential character? In what ways is he unchanging?"

First of all Genesis 6:6 says," And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart."(KJV) God never changes in His love for us, but he is our Parent. Our Father in Heaven.

Like any loving parent He teaches, disciplines and helps us to grow in a straight and proper way. It is like a young tree that has just been planted. You know over time that you will have to train it to stand tall

and straight so it will grow upward. You also know that if you do not train that tree to stand straight and tall, it will become bent over and crooked. It will grow in many different directions and be confused as to which way it should really grow. So it is with any parent and child. A parent who truly love their child or children will do their best to make

sure that their child(ren) grow up straight and tall in all the laws and commandments of God; while showing and giving them the Love that can only come from God.

So in answer to your first question: Could God change His mind and heart regarding man without changing his essential character? Yes, He could, but that would not be the God we know and love. Remember He may have been sorry for creating man on earth; but let’s take a look at why God felt this way. Remember that in the books of Matthew where Jesus spoke of the "end-times" and referred to it as in the days of Noe(Noah) ? Here again

we see God’s hear grieved. Why? Because he had created man out of love and man has and had become totally wicked. What lead up to this grief in the Lord’s heart and why he was sorry that he had created man on earth

was the fact that Satan was on the earth as well and was the source of the wickedness to begin with.

If you remember, God thru satan out of heaven and down to the earth for his wickedness and jealousy. Satan once called Lucifer was exalted above all the angels. he was the light bearer, the music of heaven and he was

an archangel. In other words he was both arch-angel and cherubim for God. God did not make mindless angels for robots, he gave them thought and love and all the good attributes; but for satan, somewhere in his heart he became jealous of God and wanted to exalt himself above God and that was not only the first sin against God but a deadly sin against God. That is the beginning of God’s grieving. God grieved for creating

man on earth because when satan was cast down to earth he stole it from man and then instilled his evil into their hearts. (Adam & Eve) The second and third evil/sins was lies and deception that Satan committed

against God and His creations. Satan , in essence tricked Eve into eating of the Tree of Good and Evil, when God has specifically told them not to. Adam knew this and was standing right there when Satan tempted

EVE and never said a word or told Eve that God had forbidden it. The fourth sin that Satan Committed was to steal from man what God had given him..The earth and dominion over it. So to this point we see that Satan has already committed five major sins against God and man.

The Lord was very grievous over what had taken place and He began to regret creating man and putting him on earth. Not only because of eating of the tree of Good and Evil opened Adam & Eve’s eyes, it also planted

the seeds of evil in them as well and God like any Loving and Good parent began to grieve over the way his "children had turned out. The fifth sin that came from this came from man, himself. That sin was

disobedience. So now in only a short time we have the sins of (a) Jealousy,(be) Lies, (c) Deception, (d) Stealing and (e) disobedience.These soon became compounded by murder (Cain killing Abel), greed,

drunkenness, fornication, covetness and prostitution just to name a few. The whole world was full of evil and God Cried and was grief-stricken. In his grief, God decided to destroy the whole earth once again and

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