Summary: Several things the Bible records concerning the tactics satan used in the Garden of Eden. He is still at work in the same way.

Intro: I want you to know that the devil’s advice is freely given, it is misleading, it is also contrary to the commands of God, and very sadly it is often taken.

To defeat the emeny we must have some understanding of his military strategy, we need to know how he fights.

(Ill.) When Cassius Clay was aked which punch did he fear the most, was it a left hook or a right cross? he replied,"It is the one you don’t see coming that will knock you out."

(A) satan Envies Man’s Happiness

(1) he tempted Adam & Eve in Garden

(2) he tempted Eli’s son in the tabernacle

(3) he tempted Christ in the wilderness

(B) No Advantage Can Assure A Child Of God From The Temptations Of The devil.

(1) Not Holiness!

(2) Not The Experience Of Past Victories!

(3) Not Stature Nor Social Standing!

(C) The devil’s Assistants

(1) Our Lusts Within- he Knows Our Weaknesses

(2) Our World Without- he tries to get you dissatisfied.

(D) satan Was The Author Of The 1st Lie

(1) Called the devil-meaning deceiver

(2) (John 8:44) Jesus said, "he is a liar and the father of lies."

(3) Notice the devil told Eve, ""ye shall not surely die" GOD said, "Ye shall surely die"

(4) No doubt the devil saw and envied the innocence and blessings Adam and Eve enjoyed.

(5) This lie destroyed that innocence, it blinded their minds, it defiled their conscience, and they became bound to the chains of guilt, condemned before God.

(6) satan seeks to blind men to God’s Word.

see (2Cor. 4:4)

(a) he blinds men to God’s judgment, and he blinds men to God’s remedy.

(E) Many Is The Man Who Have Sought To Enrich Himself

By Yielding To satan.

(1) Ask the drunkard on the barstool, the man in prison, the junkie putting a needle in his arm, or the man on death row awaiting execution.

(2) You find in their background it all started with something small.

(F) They Heard The Voice Of God

(1) Previously they had looked forward to communing with their maker, but now they flee from Him.

(2) A forest of trees could not hide them from God.

(3) After yeilding to temptaion men wander from God

by neglecting prayer and neglecting His word.

(4) Man looked at the tree, he touched it, he ate of it, and sin became a habit to him.

(a) Man can get to a place where he feels no guilt.

(b) Man can get to a place where he doesn’t respond to God’s voice.

(c) Man can get to a place where he knows no shame.

(G) They Sought To Flee From God

(1) This was unnatural- for they were designed for close communion with God.

(2) This was irrational- for there is no way to flee from God, He is Omnipresent.

(3) This was fruitless-God found them out.

Read (1Cor.10:13)

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