Summary: No one knows the hour or day that Jesus is coming back

Many predictions have been made about when Jesus will come back, but the Word teaches us that no one knows the hour or day of his appearing. We must not fall asleep, at anytime since tomorrow is not promised. We should keep our eyes open, and live a good christian life, by obeying the Word. Although, living a good christian life doesn't mean we will not go through trials, or have no pain that we must go through, but it does mean, that we have Jesus to help us make it through life. We are not expected by God to be perfect to be called up on that day of the coming of the Lord, but we should at least try to follow the Word. Jesus will never leave behind those who do their best to be ready to meet him in the clouds. Let us thank God for being so loving even though we are all sinners and come short to the glory of God.

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