Summary: Whether as members of the church or government we have a responsibility to take care of the poor. Let’s look at what God’s Word has to say about those who neglect or oppress the poor.

The rich continue to get richer and the poor get poorer. I have no problem with the rich who work for their wealth, but the problem lies with those who gain wealth at the expense of the poor.

In our state for instance, our governor scaled back the $5 billion medicaid program for the poor. This means 100,000 parents, people with disabilities and the elderly will be affected by the elimination of tax-payer financed insurance. Thousands more will have to pay some of their medical bills. Dental care and podiatry will be eliminated for most adults in the program. Only children, pregnant women and the blind are exempt.

At the same time the cuts were being made on medicaid recipients, our state legislators refused to cut health care for legislators, lawyers, and engineers. Is it fair that a single parent lose coverage because they can’t afford the premium? While state legislators who are only on the job for five months out of the year with a $31,300 income and $76 daily living expenses continue to get health care at tax-payer expense. The governor will not reveal how much his health care costs the state. He gets $120,087 per year. A working mom would lose her benefits if she earned $76.00 per day. It is a crime when many will have to chose between medicine or food or heating or medical treatment.

I must admit there needs to be a review of how medicaid is distributed. For instance, if a man can carry roofing shingles up and down a ladder, he should not be drawing disability. I think there should be an individual review, each circumstance should be looked at on a case by case basis. Not everyone should have to pay because of the abuse of others. I believe our government is heading in the direction of turning their back on the poor.

To the wealthy who neglect the plight of the poor the Bible says there is a day of visitation coming.

Remember, we are to treat others as we want to be treated. If funding is the problem? Why not take the money supposedly generated by gambling and subsidize the health and welfare of our poor?

Many of those who could help, refuse to do so. The question to you is "What will You do in the Day of Visitation?"

(1) Your Day of Visitation May Come in Form of Affliction.

(A) You may never have experienced much of it in this life. Perhaps you are self reliant and in love with self.Every motive in life has to do with what you can get. If you live long enough in may very well come in the form of bad or failing health, a ruined reputation or poverty.

(B) To who will you turn for help in that day?

Worldly friendship will not be able to provide the help needed. You will then find what kind of friends you have.

(C) Will you turn to God? Will He hear you? He doesn’t have too, just because you are in trouble.

(See Judges 10:14; Jer. 7:16).

Suppose you go through life and never feel sorrow.

(2) Your Day Of Visitation May Come in the form of Death.

(A) There is no escaping this appointment.

What will you do then? Will wealth, popularity, or friends be able to stave off this visitation?

(B) To who will you leave your wealth? Will your money be worth anything to you then?

(C) And when you leave it behind, what will be come of you? These are all questions which we must have an answer for.

Even Death is not the end!

(3) Your Day of Visitation may come as a Day of Judgment.

(A) In front of the Great White Throne you will be summoned to appear along side countless numbers of others.

(B) There is no place to hide, nor can you be overlooked or forgotten.

(C) The Books will be opened and you will be judged according to the record kept in those books. (see Romans 14:12). Your glory will have disappeared, maybe replaced by shame. To whom will you turn?

The time to prepare is now. In the day of sorrow you can have a friend you can count on. In the day of death you can have a friend who will bring a light to the dark valley. In the day of judgment you can have a saviour who is waitng now to erase every sin, His name is Jesus. Won’t you call on Him today while it is yet time.

Remember, God has blessed you so that you can bless others.

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