Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The declaration of God’s righteousness through the ages with emphasis on the end times

Title: “The Declaration of God’s Righteousness”

Theme: The Blood Sacrifice/Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ

Text: Isaiah 53:11

I.He WAS DECLARING (To those under the Old Covenant) God’s Righteousness (Isaiah 53:11)

A. During the time from Creation

B. Through the time Under the Law

(3-1/2 Year Transition Period: John the Baptist/Lord’s Earthly Ministry)

II.He IS DECLARING (To Those under the New Covenant) God’s Righteousness (Romans 3:24,25)

A.During the Church Age

1. By His Holy Spirit (John 16:8-11)

2. Through His Precious Word (John 1:14)

B.During the Age of Grace

1. By Grace through Faith (Ephesians 2:8, 9)

2. Through His Precious Blood (Romans 3:25)

III.He SHALL BE DECLARING (To those under the Old Covenant/New Covenant)

God’s Righteousness (Psalm 50:6)

A.During First Half of The 70th Week of Daniel

(3-1/2 Year Transition Period)

B.During the Last Half of the 70th Week of Daniel (3-1/2 Year)

1.“Time of Jacob’s Trouble [Jew]” (Jeremiah 30:7; Daniel 12:1)

2.“Time of Satan’s Wrath/Great Tribulation [Jew/Gentile]”

(Daniel 11:31ff; Matthew 24:15-28; Revelation 12 )

C.During The Eschatological Day of the Lord [Begins during the last

3-1/2 years of the 70th Week of Daniel]

1. “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” (Jeremiah 30:7)

2. “Time of Judgment of Jews” (Zechariah 13:8)

3. “Time of Judgment of Gentiles” (Psalm 2; Revelation 8-19)

*God’s Declaration of His Righteousness will continue throughout the Ages including the Millennium

*Sacrifices unto God will continue to be offered throughout the Ages [Including transition periods]:

1. Physical/Blood and Spiritual Sacrifices were offered during

the time before the Cross

*a.Conscience (Genesis 4:4)

*b.Human Government (Genesis 8:20)

*c.Promise/Patriarchal (Genesis 12:7)

*d.Law (Exodus 19:6, 24:8)

2. Physical/Blood Sacrifices during transition time after Cross

by Jews/Physical Temple (Until 70 A.D.)

3. Spiritual Sacrifices are being offered after the Cross by

faithful Jews/Gentile/Spiritual Temple/Body


4. Spiritual Sacrifices will be offered during transition time

by faithful Jews/Gentiles (I Peter 2:5,9)

5. Physical/Blood Sacrifices during transition time by Jews/Temple

of God (Daniel 8:11, 9:27, 11:31)

*f. 70th Week of Daniel

6. Spiritual Sacrifices will be offered during “the time of the end”

by faithful Jews/Gentiles (Revelation)

*g.Day of the Lord (Revelation 14:2, 15:3,4, 19:3-7)

7. Physical & Spiritual Sacrifices will be offered during the

*h.Millennium in Spiritual and Physical Temple (Isaiah 65;

Ezekiel 40-48)

*j.Eternal State before the Throne of God/the Lamb/Memorial to

His Blood (Revelation 5:13, 22:3)

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