Summary: You don’t have to worry about how to get the Judas’ in your life for how they’ve betrayed you, because as evidenced in this text, they’ll hang themselves!!


Matthew 27:1-5

You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. Somebody oughta say "Amen!" (Sigh) I’ve been working on this thing called betrayal over the last few weeks, and I want to continue on in that today as we reach the middle or climactic point if you will of this series called "The Art Or Act of Betrayal." Let us review very quickly if I may the last two weeks. If you will recall on the first week I talked about the word or act of betrayal, what it meant and why it was such a serious issue... Ahh, and then on last week I know, I know y’all don’t really want to revisit it because it was such a "hard" word, but we talked about "How To Treat Your Betrayer!" mmm, hmmm. Now this week if I may I want to take it back up a notch or two and even yet again encourage you the people of God if I may... Look at verse number 5 here in Matthew 27, it says, "Judas went out and hung himself." mmm. If I could for just a little bit of time as the Holy Ghost shall lead & guide I want to talk from the subject of "The Demise Of a Betrayer!" Look at your nieghbor & tell em nieghbor, "The Demise of a Betrayer!" Mmmm... Can I go ahead & preach this thing like I wanna?

My Brothers & my Sisters, I am convinced today beyond a reasonable doubt that the old saying, "What goes around comes around." Is very true. Or, "You get what you put out.", yeah, or even better yet, as the word of God says, "That which you sow you shall also..." Yeah, ok so you with me now. Uh, huh. And I believe that this also can apply to this thing we’ve been talking about called betrayal. Ahh, yes, if you betray someone than it’s almost certain to come back on you but it’s also certain if someone betrays you it will fall back on them, can I get a witness in the house? And so, and so, I need to encourage someone today that when you are betrayed, you don’t have to sit up all night worrying and plotting and losing sleep trying to figure out just how you’re going to get your betrayer back, uh huh, because they will have thier demise! I said they will! Awww I feel God up in here, about to break out, huh all over this place.. Yeah, i’m coming hard today & i’m coming quick, so if I were you i’d get it like it’s hot! Ohhh yes, ah, and so, mmm, yes, thank you holy ghost! Ahh, this text is evident as to why you don’t have to worry about your betrayer, ahh, can I go ahead & get to it? Ahhh i’m so excited I just can’t help myself!

Well, look at the text, ha, we land, ha, in Matthew 27, ha, verses 1 through 5, uh huh, and we find now that Jesus has been condemenned, ha, by the elders and the people, ha, and so they bound him and led him away to Pilate to be sentenced and crucified, ha, ahhh and then we’ve got good old Judas, ha, who when he saw that Jesus was condemned, ha, was filled with, with remorse, ha, can I stop right there and place a bullet there? Remorse, huh, is a powerful thing, ha, and when you’ve been betrayed ha, your betrayer may not be, ha, as bad as you think, ha, God can fill them, ha, with remorse for thier wrong, ha, and have them, ha, come back to you, ha, declaring the wrong, ha, that they’ve done! Can I get a witness? And so now, ha, Judas takes, ha, the thirty silver coins, ha, and returns them to the elders, ha, and he says, "I have sinned, ha, and betrayed, ha, innocent blood!" Jesus, ha, was innocent, the spotless, sacrificial, ha, lamb of God! Aww thank you Jesus! Ahh, but look at, ha, how they respond, ha, in verse 4, ha, they say, ha, "What is that to us, ha, that is your, ha, responsibility!" I need to stop right there, ha, & tell you, that when, ha, your betrayer comes to you, ha, filled, with remorse, ha, don’t do as the elders did to Jesus, ha, I know it’s hard, huh, but do, as Jesus would have done, because at this particular point, huh, in this text, huh, I hear Jesus saying, "Judas, I love you. I forgive you, I have mercy on you. My grace, ha, covers, ha, a multitude of sins!" And we need to respond, ha, the same way, ha, to our betrayers!

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