Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Looking at the last days of Christ on the earth

The Denial Of Christ Matthew 26:58, 69-75


01. The Certainty (26:31-32) truth, Scripture fulfilled (26:56)

02. The Concern (26:33) never

03. The Concentration (26:33) neglected, disregarded, missed

04. The Confidence (26:35a) never; I’ll die

05. The Control (26:35b) influence, sway

06. The Communication (26:40-41, 43, 45)

07. The Carelessness (26:51) John 18:10

08. His Compromise (26:58, 69-74)

A. His Following (26:58a) afar off! At a distance

. He wanted to be close without being discovered.

. Mark 14:54a; John 18:15-16

B. His Fellowship (26:58b, 69a, 71a, 73a) drawing to

. 1:00 am / cold - warms up with officers; Mark 14:54

. Sat with the servants / courtyard / gateway / stood with

C. His Friendship (26:69b, 71b, 73b) relationship

. Peters’ Character was questioned (26:69b) Galilean

. Peters’ Connection was questioned (26:71a) with

. Peter’s Communication was questioned (26:73b) speech

. Peters’ Commitment was questioned - John 18:17, 25

D. His Flesh (26:70, 72b, 74b) denial, deceit, lying / weak

E. His Frustration (26:72a) death - with an oath

. Always assumed to be made in the presence of God

. Peter called God as a witness to his lie.

. Angry, embarrassed, trapped, frightened

. Hide his identity & his association with Jesus.

F. His Fear (26:74a) damnation; cursing & swearing

. May God kill & damn me if I’m not speaking the truth!

. Lost all sense of reality & all awareness of God

09. His Consciousness (26:74c-75a) he remembered; Luke 22:61

10. He Cut a trail (26:75b) private moment alone

11. He Cried out to God (26:75c) sob loudly, wept bitterly

12. He Confessed his sin - John 21:15-17; 2 Peter 3:17-18

. Where is your confidence? Have you contradicted the Word?

. What about your communication with God? Commitment?

. Have you become careless about spiritual things?

. The capability of sin is great in all of us!

. What have you comprehended lately? What do people see in U

. Have you collapsed in your walk with Christ?

. What has God brought back to your consideration? memory

. What are you running from - something done or failed to do?

. What are you crying for? What do you need to confess?

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