Summary: God's children must repent and desire to have God go among us.

I. The Deficiency of Man

A. We Face the Broken Law - James 2;9-10

B. We Face an Empty Stone - Ezekial 36:26-27

C. We Face the Mountain (Judgment)

1. Present thyself - Ec 12:14

2. Stand alone - no man cometh with you - Ro 14:10-12

II. The Declaration of God

A. The Presence of God - Gal 4:4-5

B. The Proclamation of God

1. His Name

2. His Benefits - Psalm 103:1-4

- Merciful - Psalm 126:36

- Gracious - Psalm 145:8

- Abundant in Goodness - Psalm 63:3

III. The Drive to Repentance

A. A Pressing Effect - Acts 17:31-32

B. A Personal Effect

C. A Praising Effect - Psalm 71:14

D. A Plainspoken Effect

Concl. Where are you today? Do you understand that God has no longer revealed Himself in a mere cloud, but in the Person of Jesus Christ! That Cloud that once rested on the Tabernacle of the OT was manifested in the form of THE WORD that was made flesh and DWELT (tabernacled) among us. Do you think of yourself as self sufficient. A Good person? Are you trusting in traditions, or religious acts to save you? That is just blank tables of stone. Only Jesus can change you

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