Summary: Following Christ in His last days on earth.

The Desire For Jesus (P2) Matthew 26:7-16

Introduction (26:1-2)

I. The Demoniac and their Hatred (26:3-5) Their nature

II. The Devotion that brought Honor (26:6-13)

A. The Lord and His Worth (26:6)

B. Lazarus and his Witness - John 12:1, 9-11

C. The Laborer and her Work - John 12:2; Luke 10:38, 40

D. The Lover and her Worship (26:7) John 12:3-8; Luke 10:39, 42

E. The Look of the Wayward (26:8-9)

1. They were Influenced - John 12:4-6

2. They became Indignant (12:8-9) complained, undiscerning

F. The Leader and His Warning (26:10-13)

1. He Rebuked them (26:10a) don’t trouble her

2. He Referred them (26:10b) it’s a good work

3. He Reminded them (26:11)

. A higher priority than any earthly ministry!

. Affirmation of deity; Matthew 8:27; 12:6, 8; 21:16; Matthew 22:42, 45

4. He Revealed them (26:12)

. Her heart moved by God, her motive was real & genuine

. Sacrificial and symbolic act of worship

. She didn’t have full significances of what she’s doing.

5. He Rewarded her (26:13)

. She was proclaiming the gospel to the world. Memorial!

III. The Deception of the Hypocrite (26:14-16) Judas; heart

A. The Possession - Luke 22:3a; Satan entered him, possess

B. The Position (26:14a) Luke 22:3b

. Association, one of the disciples; John 17:12

. Psalm 41:9; 109:8

. John 6:70 - Did not I choose you, the 12, & one of you is a devil?

(slanderer, false accuser)

C. The Priests (26:14b)

D. The Puzzlement (26:15a)

E. The Pleasure (26:15b) looking for opportunity (26:4)

F. The Price (26:15c) Sold out his teacher, leader, friend

. Betrayed the Son of God, the Savior

. Exodus 21:32, slave’s price; Zechariah 11:12-13

G. The Predomination (26:16) obsessed, controlled

. What kind of desire? What about His Worth?

. Are you worshipping Him? What about your influence?

. Who influences you? Are you a Judas? Sold Him out?

. Have you betrayed Him? What’s controlling you?

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