Summary: This is a sermon on the destruction of anger in our lives.

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2 Samuel 13:1 – 18:18


We all can think of a time in our lives, probably not too far back, when anger just seemed to consume us. That car that cut us off on the way to work, that woman that stole the parking spot we were waiting on for thirty minutes, the list could go on and on. Anger is not something we seek after in our lives; however, it’s something that frequently finds its way there.

The Bible talks about anger. In fact it tells us that it’s normal for us to experience anger. Jesus Christ himself experienced anger when He found the people selling goods in the temple. The thing that matters is not whether or not we experience anger; it’s how we deal with that anger. Ephesians 4:26 tells us to be angry and sin not.

A man by the name of Steve Tran of Westminster, CA closed the door after activating 25 bug bombs in his apartment. He figured that the more he used the longer it would work. The fumes spread to the pilot light in his stove causing a great explosion, which knocked his door down and burned all of his furniture resulting in $10,000 worth of damages. Tran then reported by the following Sunday he already saw the roaches walking around again. Steve allowed his anger for the roaches to consume him causing destruction, and the problem was still there.

The Bible shows us an example of how anger can cause destruction when handled improperly. Absalom experienced great anger that resulted in the destruction of his life.



Samuel 13:23-29

A. Absalom’s Desire For Revenge Caused Him To Hide The Truth

1. Absalom wanted to be the one to punish Amnon

NOTE: Absalom knew that by the laws of that day, the only punishment Amnon would experience would be to marry Tamar without ever being able to divorce her. This was not sufficient for Absalom.

a. Absalom told Tamar to hold her peace

b. Absalom kept Tamar desolate in his house

2. Absalom hated his brother Amnon, but spoke neither good nor bad to him

a. He didn’t want Amnon to know of his hatred

b. He wanted Amnon to still trust him

B. Absalom’s Desire For Revenge Caused Him To Commit Murder

NOTE: Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him. I John 3:15

1. Absalom wanted no one to be suspicious

a. He waited two years for his revenge

b. He invited all of his brothers instead of just Amnon

2. Absalom has Amnon killed

NOTE: He did not kill Amnon himself, he got others involved in his sin

a. He waited until Amnon was drunk

b. He ordered his servants to kill Amnon

NOTE: In a San Francisco paper an ad displayed that read, “1984 Mercedes 240 LS, fully loaded. First $50 gets the car.” A man read this and called to see if it was a misprint. To his surprise it was not. He rushed over there and gave the woman the $50 and as she handed over the title to the car he asked why she was selling it for so cheap. Se replied, “My husband just called from Las Vegas where he is with his secretary. He lost all of his money and wanted me to sell the car and send half of what I got for it to him so he could come home!”

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