Summary: A follow up of, The Devils Bishop. The sanctity of marrage is in trouble, what the Church needs to know, to stand in the day of trial.

The Devils Lawyer, The Sanctity of Marriage God declares that marriage is between man and woman, but Satan has gotten a lawyer to fight in his corner. See what God has to say. Can we find any where in Scripture that God allowed man to marry man, or woman to marry woman? God declared that the union between same sex couples, was an abomination, and that they would find their place in the lake of fire, even men who possess the traits of a woman will not enter into the Gates of Heaven. The thing that this world is allowing is not an alternative life stile but an abdominal sin. The beginning of the race toward Armageddon. The phrase alternative lifestyle was developed by Satan to assist those that wouldn’t obey Gods law of marriage and union between man and woman. We’ve got the court system in Massachutes and the ACLU, fighting for the rights of men and women to sin. According to Jesus, these things would happen in the end days, " As it was in the Days of Noah, so shall it be in the second coming of the son of man, They will be marrying and giving in marriage..." The lawyers in Jesus times were also trying Him and tempting Him, scripture used in this sermon will come from Matthew 22;35-46, Hebrews 13;4, and Luke 7;30-35. Why do we as Christians have to tolerate sin, we don’t have to. If we do not tell others what sin is, then how can they know, what to avoid? Satan’s lawyer tells the people, "Hey just tolerate them, it will be O.K. No one will join them, no one will think twice about it." Lies, lies, that’s all you hear from Satan. You may think it going on somewhere else, no body in our town will do such a thing. You tell yourself that, were a Christian community and a thing like that only accrues in the big cities. Be not deceived, it’s going on in your very neighborhood. We are not told by God or Scripture to be tolerant of sin, just the opposite. Yes we are to stay out of the affairs of other men, but we are to speak out for Jesus and righteousness. We have a voice, we can cry out to God for the words to speak and He will answer. What are the results of same sex marriage? Desiese of mind and body. Aids, this is a sexual desiese that kills, not only the fornicators themselves, but they are a danger to, medical personnel that try to treat them, also a danger to anyone that comes into contact with their blood. And what about the spread of homosexuality, if they marry, which is just a loose term, the next thing they want, is to be able to adopt, children to raise, in their life style, which propagates the sin to generations to come. There will be no end to it, and we all race toward Armageddon as fast as our feet will carry us. Satan’s lawyer wants you to be passive and tolerant to this sin and then to all others. "Give no place to the devil." This is scripture and a commandment from Jesus. The church is to be a light to the world, but how can we shine forth if we are looking away from the sin that will so easily beset us? Where are we going to run, where are we going to hide, who will we turn too? Jesus. Satan has His lawyer, but we have an Advocate, The Lord Jesus Christ, that talks directly to The God of Heaven, the Judge of all Mankind. Our protector, our source and supply. We should be Glorifying God; we should be praising Him, for the sins of this world will not be placed on our account. Was Jesus afraid to speak out, was Jesus afraid what people would think of Him, was Jesus concerned with being passive or tolerant of Sin? No, and we shouldn’t either, we are supposed to be Christ Like, made in the Image and likeness of the almighty God. With the spirit of Him that gave His life for us. We as Christians cant deknigh, the spirit of Christ, its who we are, we have passed from death into life, we have gone from sinners to saints, we have been translated from darkness into the kingdom of our Lord and Savior. We have gone from filthy rags of righteousness that we were accustomed too, to the white clothing of Gods Righteousness. Where by we are able now to inter into the kingdom of heaven. . I believe that you’ve heard the sermon, The Devils Bishop, and Lord willing He will give me the next sermon on The Devils Doctors. Why do I want to bring these to you, because God developed Government and the society we live in, and as God has His governmental system, we must understand the system that Satan has also set up. Jesus spoke about it to the Sadducees and Pharisees, ".... And if Satan cast out Satan, then how could his kingdom stand, no house divided among itself cannot stand..." You have to know these things, you have to be informed, you have to be aware, so that you can stand firm in the day of trial, when the devils lawyer takes the floor. ars.

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