Summary: This sermon outlines the difference between people who are religious and true disciples of Christ.

The Difference Between Religion and Discipleship

Text: Mark 11:12 – 26


Are you a disciple or just a religious person?

I. Religious People

a. Religious people may look impressive but they produce no fruit (vv. 12 – 14)

b. Religious people have different priorities than God does (vv. 15 – 17)

c. Religious people are offended by the truth (v. 18)

d. Religious people are spiritually dead (vv. 20, 21)

II. Disciples

a. Disciples put their faith in God (v. 22)

b. Disciples are not hindered by obstacles (v. 23)

c. Disciples receive answers to their prayers (v. 24)

d. Disciples forgive others (v. 25)


Are you a disciple or just a religious person?

Jesus told you how to become a disciple – have faith in God. (v. 22)

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