Summary: What we see from Mark 3 is a very simple message based on the actions and teachings of Jesus: "If we are to be LIKE Jesus in our life … shouldn't we live and act as He did?"

The Disciples are Called

Mark 3:1-19


- Jesus is demonstrated in this book as a “servant”

-- He is the ultimate servant; giving Himself clearly for all who will receive

-- Key verse: Mark 10:45, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

- Jesus is the ultimate example of servitude and something we must learn

-- If we are to truly experience Christ’s life, we must be willing to live like Him

-- James 1:22, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

- Today we continue to follow Jesus’ early ministry

-- From healings, to the crowds swelling, to the disciples called one thing remains:

-- Jesus, is still demonstrated as a servant showing us how we should live

- Read Mark 3:1-6

∆ Point 1 – Change brings Rebellion (1-6)

- This man’s appearance under Jewish law means there is an affliction due to sin

-- His not being able to use his hand is obviously a punishment from God

-- There is a calling out to this man to come forth; because Jesus sees the need

- The scribes and Pharisees have one role, again, to accuse

-- However, their place here means that they knew Jesus could heal someone

-- They aren’t admitting He is God (not by far); but admitting He can heal

- What they are doing is using religion as a weapon: it’s the ultimate set up

-- They aren’t wondering if he could, but if He would, therefore sin to them

- They are not looking for reasons to glorify God, but to shame someone else

-- IMP: Legalism does this very thing to all who stand against rules

-- Christ’s freedom is bigger than this … sadly most people miss it

- V3 asks this man to stand; to be recognized; to admit He needs something

-- APP: Jesus asks us to do the same thing: to identify that we are NOT perfect

-- When we shame people who admit they need help WE become the Pharisees

-- This is probably why MOST will never respond to an altar call publicly

Then, in v4, Jesus asks them to clarify the Law, again turning it back on them

-- “Which is lawful …” – Is it right to do something good on the Sabbath?

-- Their silence must’ve been deafening, because it would expose their heart

-- “We cannot answer without saying that God’s day is NOT for God!”

- The Pharisees are so concerned with appearance they forgot what God is

-- God is a God of mercy, love, grace, and forgiveness

-- To them, God is a god of rules, strict adherence, and no room for grace

-- This heart attitude is what exposes them, and angers (v5) Jesus

- v6 shows their true heart: “After Jesus heals the man … He needs to die”

-- If EVER there was an opportunity to check ourselves, it is right here (Ready?)

- IMP: When something new happens in the church, what’s your response to it?

-- Anger? Frustration? Rage? Deception? Bitterness? Strife? Gossip?

-- The Messiah is healing and showing grace … we don’t like it - let’s kill him!

- TRANS: One would think that this would end His ministry, but it doesn’t!

- Read Mark 3:7-12

∆ Point 2 – Jesus Continues On (7-12)

- Jesus leaves the synagogue, probably to be able to handle larger crowds

-- Rather than stay and fight the Pharisees, He continues onto other towns

-- Why? Because He has come to save what has been lost

-- APP: If He had stayed in one place the affect might’ve been small

- We see that people are hearing about Him, and they are flocking to Him

-- However, they weren’t coming to see the Lord, but a miracle worker

-- v10 shows the intention: “I need to get to Him because He can do for me …”

-- It is almost a perfect example of what happens today …

-- APP: What we need to be careful of is that people see Jesus, and not us

- Even when Jesus confronts those of a demon possession they recognize it

-- Their terror of who He is represents His authority

--- Going back to first sermon in series: The name of Jesus has power

--- James 2:19, “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that--and shudder.”

-- When these testify He orders them to remain silent (v12)

- APP: Jesus wants us to realize who He is, not have it pointed out

-- How? By showing us the Father, through the works God has sent Him to do

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