Summary: Following Jesus in His last days on earth.

The Display Of Christ Matthew 27:57-66

1. The Want of Joseph (27:57-60)

A. The Prophecy (27:57a) evening had come

. Isaiah 53:1-12 was fulfilled; His suffering & death (v. 9)

. Matthew 12:40; 16:21; 26:61 = His burial

. Evening was from 3pm to 6pm; Sabbath began @ 6pm

. He must be down & in the grave before, not to profane it.

. Meet the prophecy of 3 days & 3 nights; Deuteronomy 21:23

B. The Plenty (27:57b) rich

C. The Position - Luke 23:50a; council member

D. The Prominence - Luke 23:50b-c; good & just

E. The Purpose - Luke 23:51a

. He had not consented to their decision & deed.

F. The Place - Luke 23:51b; from Arimathea

. A town 20 miles NW of Jerusalem

G. The Patience - Luke 23:51c; waiting for the kingdom

H. The Pardon (27:57c) disciple of Christ; John 19:38

I. The Plea (27:58) asked for His body

J. The Preparation (27:59-60) for burial

K. The Presence (27:61) of the others; John 19:39

2. The Will / Wish of Pilate (27:62-66)

A. The Sabbath (27:62a) next day; Day of Preparation

. This was on Friday!

B. The Summit (27:62b) gathering with Pilate, meeting

C. The Sway (27:63-64) command; we remember

. After 3 days and I will rise!

D. The Security (27:65, 66b)

E. The Sealing (27:66a)

3. The Wonder of Christ - Mark 16:1-8; Luke 24:1-11

John 20:1-10

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