Summary: Lessons to be learned from God’s use of the donkey on Palm Sunday


John 12:12-19

Introduction: This begins a series of messages centering around Biblical characters that were important enough to be mentioned in the Bible, but who nonetheless get very little press time. Tonight we will look at the donkey Jesus rode on Palm Sunday. I don’t believe that there is anything for us to learn from the donkey itself, but I think there is something to be learned from the way God used the donkey to further His Divine Will.

I. The donkey was pre-ordainded.

A. Prophesied in Zechariah 9:9

B. This was no accident. God knew this would happen when He created the world. (382)

II. The donkey had no choice.

A. Donkeys can be stubborn animals, but this one put up no fight.

B. We can be stubborn as well

1. We don’t have a choice when called by God

2. When God calls us, He is more stubborn than we are.

a. Spend as much energy on things you can do for God rather than excuses

III. Jesus rode the donkey :

A. In Glory

1. The people praised him that day.

B. As a King

1. Triumphant, but on a colt

a. Horses traditionally represented war, while donkeys represented peace

b. Not seeking human greatness, but heavenly greatness.

c. Treasures in heaven, not treasures on earth.

C. In Love

1. He loved them all even though they would shout for his death by week’s end

D. As a Sacrifice

1. Commitment

a. Absolute to us

b. Perfect for us.

Conclusion: Jesus is all we will ever need. His “charge” to save the day was not on a steed, but on a donkey, and it didn’t just save the day, it saved the world.

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