Summary: The Bible account of the life of King Uzziah is a tragic example of unguarded success.

The Bible account of the life of King Uzziah is a tragic example of unguarded success. His glorious entrance into the stage of success was highlighted by the Lord, but his disgraceful exit was a fruit of his reckless attitude triggered by pride of man. The spiritual message we get from his life will surely change our view point concerning God-given success. All people love success; and most people want success to stay, but many people overlooked the maintaining power of success.

God was the secret behind King Uzziah’s glorious success. Uzziah was a well-developed child and at early age, he had a potential to become a great leader. He was brought up in a godly way and was influenced by his parents and other great and godly men during his childhood. He grew up in an ideal way and learned God’s way. In II Chronicles 26:5 it is written, And he sought God in the days of Zechariah, who had understanding in the visions of God: and as long as he sought the LORD, God made him to prosper.

Sometimes we hear sad news about great men who attained a good way of success, then fell to their own hurt, and Uzziah’s story is one of them. We strongly believe that their lives convey needful lessons for us to take heed. God wants us to see what success really is. He wants us to consider the important things behind every success and the essential things that could sustain every good success. He even opens our eyes of our understanding so that we could see critical things beyond our success.

II Chronicles 26 has a wonderful message to convey, its value is beyond measures and its best result depends on how we apply this God-given lesson. Let’s take a closer look and let the Holy Ghost work in us so we could avoid unpleasant fruits of unguarded success.

(I) Uzziah’s Remarkable Strength

II Chronicles 26:1-15

-He was a promising young man vs1-3

-He was a godly young man vs4, 5

-God made him to prosper v5

-God helped him in a great way vs6-7

-He became a dominant figure v8

-He became a creative builder vs9, 10

-He became a mighty warrior vs11-15

(II) Uzziah’s Instant Fall

II Chronicles 26:16-23

-Pride crept into his heart v16

-He disregarded God’s servants vs17-18

-Uncontrolled and ungodly anger

led him to seclusion vs19, 20

-The LORD smote him v20

-He became a leper and ended

with a disgraceful exit v21-23

It was a humiliating moment for a king to experience such downfall. However, Uzziah’s life is actually a blessing to everyone who wants to avoid shameful downfall. The Lord allows some unpleasant experiences to happen to other people’s lives so that others may appreciate God’s statutes. We should be also aware that these things happened for examples not to be followed, but to be pondered in our hearts so that we could avoid the things that are not pleasing to God.

Always remember that behind every good success of a believer is the mighty working of God. On the other hand, every tragic failure we experience is the deceitful working of the old man. May the sanctifying effects of this lesson be manifested in our lives, and may its blessings become memorable to everyone for God’s honor and glory.

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