Summary: Focus upon the dream of Nebuchadnezzar

Daniel Chapter 2-The Dream & Interpretation

I. The Dream Told (v.31-35)

A. It Was a Dream of A Gigantic & Terrible Image/Statue of a Man [Colossus] (v.31)

B. It Was A Statue w/4 Parts (v.32,33)

1. Gold Head

2. Silver Breast & Arms

3. Brass Belly & Thighs

4. Iron Legs & Feet

C. It Was A Dream of Supernatural Smiting Stone/Great Mountain (v.34,35)

1. Stone Would Be Made Without Hands [Supernatural Divine Power] 8:25; Job 34:20 (v.34a)

2. Stone Would Smite the Image/Statue (v.34b)

3. Image/Statue Would Be Broken to Pieces (v.35a)

4. Stone Would Become a Great Mountain/Kingdom Filling Whole World-Zech 14:9; Rev 11:15 (v.35b)

II. The Dream Interpreted (v.36-45)

A. The Four Parts of the Statue (v.36-39)

1. Gold Head: Kingdom of Babylon (v.38)

2. Silver Breast & Arms: Kingdom of Medo-Persia (5:28,30,31)

3. Brass Belly & Thighs: Kingdom of Greece (8:20,21)

4. Iron Legs & Feet: Kingdom of Rome (Luke 2:1)

B. Focus On the Iron Kingdom (v.40-43)

1. The Last Kingdom Figuring Largely At The Time of the End

2. It Is A Kingdom of Iron To Break & Bruise/Savior & Saints

3. The Ten Toes Parallel the Ten Horns of Revelation 17:3,7,12,16

C. Focus On the Kingdom of God (v.44,45)

1. It is Set Up by the God of Heaven/Divine in Origin-John 18:36 (v.44a)

2. It Will Never Be Destroyed/It is Eternal-Isaiah 9:6,7; Luke 1:32,33 (v.44b)

3. It Will Break in Pieces All Other Kingdoms w/Sudden, Irresistible Judgment-Psalm 2:9; Rev 8-19 (v.44c)

D. The Time of The Dream’s Fulfillment is Stated Three Times (2:28, 45, Rev 11:15)

E. The Certainty of The Dream’s Fulfillment is Stated-(Habakkuk 2:3) (v.45)

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