Summary: Exposition of Daniel 2:1-23 about the king’s dream and command to tell dream and interpret it.

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Text: Daniel 2:1-23, Title: The Dream Giver 1, Date/Place: NRBC, 3/22/09, AM

A. Opening illustration: the sickly man who dreamed about pushing the rock…

B. Background to passage: remember that the theme of the entire book is God’s sovereignty in a foreign land, as the children of Israel have begun their 70 year captivity. And as Daniel and the three others have been catapulted into a pagan government as advisors to the King, God intends to display His glory and control to all those in the royal court. Note: Dan 2:4-7:28 written in Aramaic.

C. Main thought: God uses a dream to reveal that He is the one that raises up and pulls down kings and kingdoms, and He uses Daniel to do it.

A. Does God Speak? (v. 1-2)

1. The text isn’t explicit about these dreams coming from God, but the entire book is about God in control, and this story is all about God giving a message to N through Daniel. What is interesting about this is that God speaks to a pagan king. We would have no problems saying that God speaks to believers, but to a godless dictator—like God speaking to Castro, or Ahmadinejad, or Kim Jong Ill. It is clear though in this text that God does exactly that, but not through a prophet, or scripture, but through a dream. Whatever means He chooses, the simple truth is that God speaks! He is actively involved with His creation and with individuals bringing about His desired ends.

2. Ps 8:4, Deut 5:24, Ex 33:11, 1 Cor 2:14

3. Illustration: share the story about the now 12 year old that had an experience with God at 4 years old that resulted in the conversion of her entire non-Christian family, share a little bit of my testimony about the time that I first trusted Christ completely after the comment in the message about God and me being separated by sin, "It’s amazing!" he replied. "I just can’t see how anybody can make a crib like that for only $46.50."

4. We are not to limit God in how He chooses to interact with man. How do you interpret your dreams? Bad chili for dinner? Sometimes God uses means other than normal to speak to us. So what’s normal? The bible, preaching, books, other people, creation, circumstances, and the inner witness of the Spirit are fairly normal means. But the truth is that we should be amazed that He speaks. If our concept of God is biblical and accurate and our concept of man is equally so, we should be amazed that he has any dealings at all with us. If God is not speaking in your life, we should look for issues to explain that, for the norm is not silence. Could we have sin in our lives to hinder our hearing or His work in us? Could we be distracted by other things? Do we expect or anticipate God speaking? Then we must ask if we are truly born again. I don’t think this truth is explicit, but the parallels work—God spoke to an unconverted man, but he couldn’t understand it; he needed an interpreter. Without the aid of the Interpreter in your heart and mind, you cannot understand spiritual truth, nor what God is saying to you. You need the Spirit. You need to be saved. Do not wait, today is the day of salvation.

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