Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is about dealing with obstacles in the way of our dreams.

Potiphar’s Wife: The Dreamer’s Nightmare

by Reverend A. L. Torrence, Pastor

Text: Genesis 39: 1-20

I. Who was Joseph? Many of made be familiar with the story of Joseph. Either we read about him in the bible or we saw the music, “Joseph and the Technicolor dream coat.” Joseph was the favorite son of Jacob because he was the product of his love for Rachel, (his favorite wife). Joseph was a dreamer. He had the gift of interpreting dreams. Now, I am not talking about dreaming numbers and playing them one the lotto. But I am referring to communicating with God. However, his gift would get him trouble with his older brothers who envied him because he was Jacob’s favorite. His brothers so hated him that they conspired to kill him; however, because he was their brother – their own flesh – they could only bring themselves to sell him to slave traders. As a result of his enslavement, Joseph was sold to a wealthy Egyptian officer named Potiphar.

II. Now, cause Joseph was a servant of God, Jehovah blessed him in all that he did. Everything he touched multiplied. And although he was a slave, Potiphar trusted him with all that he had. Joseph was a success. Although successful he was not in the placed God had called him to be and consequently he was not happy.

III. Many of us are trusted with Potiphar’s goods and we too have achieved some level of success. Economics- we have broken through glass ceilings and have gain access to that, which was denied our ancestors. We may not be living the total dream, Martin Luther King spoke of but we settled for the some of leftover pie. For many we have settled and become comfortable but we are still not in the place God has called us to be. We are not happy. Our jobs are miserable, our marriages are not satisfying because we have settled. And although we have a nice bank account, clothes and a nice home – we are still not happy.

IV. The first, lesson we learn from this bad girl: is that no matter how successful you get, or how much money you have. If you don’t have someone to share it with, it’s nothing. In order words, Money can not buy you love. This woman was married to one of the wealthiest man in Egypt. Yet, she had no love. She had no one to really share her time with. The reason she was attracted to Joseph was because he was there. One of the mistakes we make in relationships is that we give presents instead of our presence. We give out of our pockets rather than give of ourselves. Husbands do it to wives. Parents do it children. And even church members try to do it God. For some of us, it’s easier and more convenient to write a check rather than give God some time. We rationalized and say well I’m tithing that’s enough and never show up for bible study or volunteer in a church activity. We need to know that real love cannot be brought.

V. Secondly, often people or situations are placed in our lives to make us uncomfortable. She made Joseph’s job difficult. It had got to a point that Joseph had to try to avoid her in order to get work done. She was an agitator. She got under his skin. We all need a little agitation in our lives. We need someone who rubs us the wrong way. That’s how God develops our character. That’s how we are test and tried and proven for this race. We need a little agitation. You agitation removes those characteristics that are not desirable to God. (Dirty Clothes need agitation. Rough wood needs agitation to smooth it. Silver needs some agitation to give it a shine.) We need agitation.

· Also, agitators make us uncomfortable. They remind us that we should not settle. Joseph was settling for something less than what God called him to be. God had communicated to him that he was to be a ruler, something greater than a household slave was. We are called to be more than who we are: yet, many are comfortable.

· Many are settling in. That’s why we hold on to our chosen seats in worship. We are comfortable. And the truth be told many really do not want Cross of Life to growth significantly large. They are comfortable coming in late and getting a seat. They are comfortable in knowing there is a parking place for them. They enjoy the attention and warmth that small fellowship offers. And, yet, God is slowly making us uncomfortable. We get upset when the many groups who use our facility live a mess. We get upset when unchurched children run rampantly through halls. We get upset when people sing to loud or pray to long. But those are growing pains. A church with no growing pains is a clear sign that it is not growing.

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