Summary: We dream of a White Christmas but it was through dreams that Christmas actually came to be.

The Christmas Dreams

Luke 1

The song White Christmas is undoubtedly the most famous and popular of all the Christmas songs. The music and lyrics for White Christmas were written by Irving Berlin in 1942 and originally featured in the movie Holiday Inn starring Bing Crosby.

In the song, the singer is dreaming of the perfect Christmas, which reminds of him a time when he was young.

The dream of the perfect Christmas isn’t that what we all wish to have. The Perfect Christmas.

That’s exactly what took place in Bethlehem. And it not only started out as a dream but it was carried out by dreams.

1. The Dream of the birth –

Luke is the only writer of the Gospels that actually prints the conversation of Mary with the angel Gabriel.

· Matthew says it happened but keeps going on with the story.

· Mark starts his book off with the ministry of John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus.

· John starts his book off talking about his testimony and places Jesus in His first public ministry.

So we go to the book of Luke to hear the conversation of the angel. Mary did not have a bible to read and consult with so the word of God came through the angel Gabriel.

Through this conversation we learn something about God:

When He is about to do something through you, He spells out the directions.

Directions to Moses – Exodus 19:18-25

· Go down and warn the people

· Have the priest consecrate themselves

· Go down Mt. Sinai and bring Aaron back up with you

Results: Moses gets the 10 Commandments

Directions to Saul –

· Go to the city of Damascus

· Wait to hear from me – (he waited 3 days on Ananias)

Result: Saul became Paul and began preaching Jesus

Directions to Mary –

· Do No be afraid:

You have found favor with God – This is a good visit

· You will conceive in your womb –

The Holy Spirit will come upon you

· You will have a son

· You will call his name Jesus.

Result: Jesus Christ is born

2. The Dream of Understanding –

This is Joseph’s dream of understanding what is taking place.


Joseph is upset that Mary has come up pregnant. The Bible says he is a righteous man and he doesn’t want to disgrace her so he decides to put her away privately.

That is until the Angel appears to Joseph.

Directions to Joseph –

· Do not be afraid

· Take Mary as your wife

· A son will be born

· Name Him Jesus

Results: Joseph took Mary as his wife and kept her a virgin until after Jesus was born (v.25)

3. The Dream of Intervention -

Matthew 2:1


The wise men (may-ji) goes to Herod the king wanting to know where the can find the baby Jesus. They refer to Jesus as “king of the Jews” and this troubles Herod. So Herod seeks out to find this baby.

Read v.12 – Warned by God in a dream not to return.

They obeyed and spared the life of Jesus.

4. The Dream of Protection –


Directions to Joseph:

· Get Up – You are done here

· Take the baby and his mother

· Flee to Egypt

· Stay There until you hear from me

This action saved the life of Christ again:

When Herod found out that the Magi had tricked him – the bible says he became enraged and started killing all male babies two years old and younger. But Joseph following God’s command kept the baby Jesus from being taken and killed.

Two more dreams for Joseph and his family is settling in Nazareth.

Not only to fulfill the prophecy of the old testament writers but to also protect the baby Jesus from harm.

Here’s what I learn from this message:

· Each dream that was given was for a purpose.

· Each dream was a word from God.

· Each dream gave directions to be carried out

While Joseph, Mary and the Magi had dreams were God was speaking to them – Today we have God’s word and the Holy Spirit to direct and guide us.

1. Guidance that comes with a calling to serve

We are told what we are to do

2. Guidance that comes as assurance for the calling

When doubt comes we get that assurance

3. Guidance that offers protection for the calling

When the enemy comes against us we can withstand whatever he dishes out

4. Guidance that leads us each step of the way

Each word from God is for our purpose.

But it only works if we listen to what God is saying and react to what He has told us.

God has a plan and He sticks to that plan. It is up to us to find where God is working and jump right in the middle of it.

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