Summary: The Church needs to realize it’s God given calling!

Rev. Ryan Peters

East Aurora AG

Title: “The Dying Church…”

Text: Ephesians 4:1-16


• Speaking today on The Dying Church…

o Christians without leadership

o Christians without ownership

o Christians without action...

o Christians without recognition to their calling.

o When we realize our calling God will bless the church, as many that follow these principles are blessed and thriving.

• Where the church is heading….

• Those we are not affecting…

• The future of the church…

Proposition: The Churches of today that are dying are those whom have Christians with no calling.

Interrogative: I don’t want to be in the ministry, cant I still be a Christian?

Transitional: I believe that I can prove to you that we are all called to be leaders and in the ministry.

I. Calling all Christians can you hear me? Eph 4:1-3

A. Paul was speaking to the Ephesians calling them to walk worthy of the calling.

i. Those that came to the lord had a calling of some sort. You have a ministry.

ii. We as Christian must seek the Lord to find our calling.

1. Many times we ask you which part of the body are you?

B. Paul here is asking us to walk worthy of the calling not only talk the talk but to finally get up and walk it.

C. Many times we are not even at the talking the talk part about our calling.

i. We just do not want to be in ministry.

ii. America has got it wrong, we are all called.

iii. The Bible says therefore go and make disciples of all nations.

iv. God has Called us all to be fellow heirs in the Kingdom.

D. We Are Called.

i. Me Me Me mentality. I don’t have time.

1. How would you feel if God on judgment day said to Jesus I don’t have the time to listen just let him or her go…

E. Application: I want us all to realize that we are all called to be leadership we all have a part in the ministry. God has been calling but have we been listening and obeying???

Transition: Once the people of the church realize they have a calling to ministry no matter how big or small, the churches will grow, along with realizing that you have a calling the next step is to walk worthy of that calling.

II. Steps to walking worthy in your calling. Eph 4:1-3

A. Paul tells us to walk worthy of our calling

i. With All

1. Lowliness

2lowly adjective

low•li•er; low•li•est

(14th century)

1 : humble in manner or spirit : free from self-assertive pride

2 : not lofty or sublime : PROSAIC

3 : ranking low in some hierarchy

4 : of or relating to a low social or economic rank

5 : low in the scale of biological or cultural evolution

— low•li•ness noun

2. Gentleness

a. To be kind harmonious.

3. Longsuffering

a. : long and patient endurance of offense

b. My friend if the lord is leading you to move on move on but if He is not you better stay and endure because a better prize awaits you in the longsuffering.

4. Bearing one another in Love

a. Your Calling should always be worked out in Love. Even correction should be done in love.

b. Witness because you love people

c. Serve tables downstairs because you love people.

d. Play your instrument because you Love the Lord.

e. Jesus said that which you do to the least of these so you also do to me.

5. Endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

1 archaic : to strive to achieve or reach

2 : to attempt (as the fulfillment of an obligation) by exertion of effort 〈endeavors to finish the race〉

intransitive verb

: to work with set purpose

synonymy see ATTEMPT

2endeavor noun

(15th century)

1 : serious determined effort

2 : activity directed toward a goal

a. Endeavor does not mean easy..

B. Application:

i. Walking worthy of the calling maybe hard work for some.

Transitional Sentence:

My friend though it may seem hard for you to walk worthy of your calling I want you to know that Jesus Christ knew before that walking worthy of the calling would not be easy that is why he left you some gifts….

III. Jesus left and gave some gifts to the church. Eph 4:7-12

A. I just want you to know that I am so glad to be a gift to you all. Lol

B. Truthfully though God has given us as gifts so that you may walk in the fulfillment of your calling.

C. God has given

i. Apostles

ii. Prophets

iii. Evangelists

iv. Pastors

v. Teachers

For the edifying of the body, for the equipping or training for your calling in the ministry.

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