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Summary: LUKE 4:16-21 - Isaiah prophesied that Jesus earthly ministry would consist of PREACHING, HEALING, and DELIVERANCE.

Evangelism and Deliverance

LUKE 4:16-21 - Isaiah prophesied that Jesus earthly ministry would consist of PREACHING, HEALING, and DELIVERANCE.

LUKE 7:20-23 - Jesus ministered to Lepers, the blind, the crippled, and the poor.

Peter described Jesus ministry as one that went about DOING good and HEALING all under the Devil’s power. The ministry of deliverance is something Jesus expects us to carry out today. (Acts 10:38 and Mark 16:20)

Jesus told Herod that nothing would keep Him from driving out demons and healing people. (Luke 13:31-32)

Jesus trained His disciples for DELIVERANCE ministry

LUKE 9:1-2,10 – “When Jesus called the Twelve together HE GAVE THEM POWER…” Power to cast out devils.

MATTHEW 28:18-20 – Jesus gave His disciples an outline of how to get the job done after He left.

Jesus intended for His followers to carry out the ministry of SALVATION, HEALING, & DELIVERANCE. He also commissioned 72 others to do the same work. (Luke 10:1-17)

Jesus did not come to just to die, but to set an EXAMPLE of what REAL MINISTRY is to be. In many of our churches we call many things ministry, but REAL ministry centers around SALVATION, HEALING, and DELIVERANCE.

SALVATION - The Spirit


HEALING – The Body

Jesus is ALWAYS interested in the TOTAL man! He cares for us in such a special way. We must render Jesus type of care to the world and the church.

The LAYING ON of Hands

Laying hands on the sick is considered an ELEMENTARY TEACHING which ALL Christians should partake in. (See Hebrews 6: 1-2 and James 5: 14-15)

One problem I have found in the modern church is that we have made the church a CLERGY run entity. God meant the church to be driven by ALL of the saints. We are a body of BELIEVERS and BELIEVERS are supposed to CAST OUT DEVILS, PREACH THE GOSPEL, and LAY HANDS on the sick.

(James 5:16 and Mark 16:20)

Evangelism, Healing, and Deliverance were not just for the APOSTLES! This is a lie many Seminarians teach and advocate. I too am a college-educated preacher, however I know that the Word of God teaches that ordinary men and women participated in the work of the ministry.

Ananias was not an APOSTLE, he was an ordinary Christian, just like you and I, yet he prayed for Paul’s HEALING and that he would receive the BAPTISM in the HOLY GHOST. Healing the sick is NOT just for the Apostles! The signs are designed to follow THEM THAT BELIEVE! Believers are supposed to BELIEVE that Jesus power is yet for today. I am a firm believer that we don’t see the miraculous because we don’t EXPECT the miraculous. (Mark 16:20, Luke 1:37, and Phil. 4:13)

Christians usually are terrified of dealing with the demonic in any way shape or form. Yes demons are powerful, but God is all-powerful! Demons are not afraid of humans, however they are afraid of the Christ in us. Believers in Jesus have been given authority through His name.

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