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Summary: Uses the Example of Jonah to show how taking the easy way out causes more problems. Then the message shows God’s redemptive power through Jonah’s life, and how repantance and forgiveness factor in.

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Easy Way Out

Grant van Boeschoten

June 29, 2008

If you were to paint a picture of revival how would it look?

• Would it be a massive group of miracles and healings?

• Would it be hundreds of people coming forward for an altar call?

• Would it be churches growing like mad all over a region?

I will give you 3 points to look for when you are trying to identify a legitimate revival.

1. Social Transformation

a. Revival will always affect the region where it is. Crime goes down, family values go up and society is better because of the move of God.

2. Stability and Durability are introduced to the Church.

a. God’s plan is for stable growth, the kind of growth that will be Built to Last. Legitimate revival has a long term effect, and a long term growth plan. Look for growth in changed lives, not just in numbers.

3. Proven Biblical Teaching

a. True revival does not introduce experiential theology, which is taking an experience that you have had and elevating it above scripture.

b. Legitimate revival champions the truths of the Bible.

Sometimes revival comes because a group of Christian get on their face and pray to God.

Other times revival comes because the season is right for God to do something great. Revival may come because certain individuals have proven themselves to be pure before God and have therefore gained authority in the spiritual realms.

Sometimes revival comes when society is at its worst. This is the case of what happened in Nineveh, a corrupt and sinful city that was the rival to the nation of Israel. God called a man named Jonah to go to Nineveh and announce God’s judgment against it.

The assignment that God put before Jonah was not an easy one. He was asked to go to a city of 120 000 people who were his enemy, and tell them that god was about to destroy them. He was supposed to be all by himself against that many people, giving them a message that would surely entice their wrath and could put Jonah’s life in danger.

So instead of obeying God, Jonah took the easy way out. He went and boarded a ship in the opposite direction, and he tried to run away from the will of God.

The Choice is Yours

In your life God will ask certain things of you and the choice is yours, to obey God or not. He does not force his will on you, he allows for each one of us to make up our own minds.

In life we can expect that God will ask things of us that demand our complete surrender to God and our complete trust in God.

Today I want to talk about some of the easy way outs that you will be tempted to consider in your life.

These are areas that will ultimately set you up for success in life if you can choose to do things God’s way, living your life according to the instructions in the Bible. I will outline 5 different fights that you will have to win in your life if you want to be obedient to God.

1. FIGHT for Purity

It takes a lot of work to maintain your purity in life. It takes even more work to regain purity in life. The fight belongs to you, and if you are loved, then others will take up the cause with you as well.

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