6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: The sermon speaks about the joy of participation, the joy of anticipation.

The Elements of Joy (2)

Text: Philippians 1:3-7

Introduction: This is Easter Sunday. On this day Christians celebrate Christ’s resurrection

II. The Elements of Joy (v3-7)

A. The joy of recollection (3)

B. The joy of intercession (4)

C. The joy of participation (5)

1.”Participation” in the gospel, Koenonea to share something in common

“The gospel” is the good news of salvation through Christ Jesus

2. Ways to participate in the gospel

a. Partakes of grace (7)

App. You must be a participator not a spectator

b. In supporting Paul with their giving to him (Phil. 4:15,16)

c. In their involvement in sharing the gospel

D. In the Joy of Anticipation (6)

1. Many have fearful anticipation

a. Fear bad things will happen to them

b. Worry about what could possibly go wrong

c. Fear and worry will rob you of your joy

2. How can you have joyful anticipation?

a. Believe that God is doing a good work in you, to more like

Christ. (Phil. 2:13) God will work in you “to will and to


b. Believe all things work together for the good. (Romans 8:28)

Our part, keep your love for God and don’t become bitter

Don’t forsake your calling

This doesn’t mean that only good things happen to you.

3. What can we joyfully anticipate?

a. Your justification, your forgiveness of sins through Christ Jesus


b. Your sanctification (2:13)

c. Your glorification (3:20,21)

Our bodies will be glorified as Christ body

We will be citizens of heaven

Because of Christ’s resurrection we will also be resurrected

To a new life for now and eternity/

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