Summary: Lessons from the Jesus’ miracle of "Walking on water"...

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The Eternal Music

Yes, I knew that Sea of Galilee (actually a fresh water lake) also known as Lake Gennaseret (Luke 5:1-KJV) or Sea of Tiberias (John 6:1-KJV) derived its names from its proximity to either the main province (Galilee was one of the six provinces the Roman empire had divided the Land of Palestine into for better administrative control during Jesus’ time) or the main cities (prominent cities of Gennaseret and Tiberias were on its north western bank). However it was only during my recent visit to the Holy Land (had an emotional boat ride in this Scenic lake which was a host to several astounding miracles of the Saviour) that I came to know why it is also known as (thanks to a knowledgeable guide’s explanation) Sea of Chinnereth (in Hebrew Sea of Kinnereth-Numbers 34:11 of KJV). It derives its name Kinnereth from the Hebrew word kinnor ("harp" or "lyre"), in view of the shape of lake. For Joshua and co. who would be entering the Promised Land for the FIRST TIME, recognizing this Water body would be easy, only if it is named as per its APPEARANCE (Note: the name Kinnereth was given in the Book of Numbers at a time, when the Israelites had NOT YET entered the Promised Land) and not by any other name. It was a reaffirmation of the fact that the good Lord always makes things simple for us. He is a GREAT FACILITATOR (Genesis 24:7), IS HE NOT!!!

While several astounding miracles were performed by the Redeemer in this picturesque harp-like Lake, one miracle which resonates like lingering sweet melody always in my ears is that of Creator (Col 1:16) walking on water (Matt 14: 22-34). What are the lessons to be learnt from this stupendous miracle? By the way, if you did not know before, let me take this opportunity to remind you at this juncture NO ONE IN HUMAN HISTORY HAD WALKED ON WATER BEFORE OR LATER (no, not even the great Old Testament Prophets) and closer to times fake mystic gurus like Hata Yogi who tried walking on water in Mumbai in early 1970s’ sank without a trace.


Several landmark events in Jesus’ life were already prophesied…like his virgin birth (Isaiah 7:14), crucifixion (Psalm 22:16), resurrection (Psalm 16:10), ascension (Psalm 68:18/Ephesians 4:8) and even the last word, He would utter on the cross (Psalm 31:5/Luke 23:46). So was this stupendous miracle of walking on water also foretold?

Before answering that…let’s get into a lesson within a lesson. Why so many Prophecies? Even without a single Prophecy, Saviour could have been born to a virgin, completed the Redemption plan, commissioned the disciples to preach the Gospel and ascended to Heaven. Welcome to rationalists’ association (I deeply love all the rationalists’ and want none to lose out on the SALVATION, the Almighty offers) which demands proofs to validate every Divine act as really a Divine act. Now can these respected intellectuals put down Jesus’ life and all the astounding events in His life to “mere supernatural occurrences “devoid of any Divine involvement, especially when there are blaring prophecies galore about them? If they still do so, one cannot be faulted in doubting their intelligence. Let me illustrate…

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