Summary: Here are some more thoughts on the subject of stewardship.



INTRODUCTION: Here are some more thoughts on the subject of stewardship. Consider some words. “Epitropos” = manager, foreman. “Oikonomos” = “oiko” = house. “Nomos” = law. The law or management of household affairs. The faithful steward is:

I. Observant

He observes:

A. The Task Before Him: Lk. 12:47-48. What is the task? See Gen. 1:26-28; Ps. 8:6-8. Note the word “rule” = not ultimate authority but a manager of his property. What are we to rule?

1. Environment: Ecology

2. Earth: Earthly creatures (Gen. 1:26)

3. Economy: Money management.

B. The Threat Around Him: What is the threat? Covetousness. It blinds us to reality, eternity and priorities. Study Joshua 7 (Achan); II Sam. 11 (David); Mark 10 (Young ruler); Matt. 26 (Judas); Acts 4-5 (Annanais & Sapphira). Unbelief is the only sin that receives more warning than covetousness. See Luke 12:15; Matt. 16:26; I John 2:15; Matt. 6:33; Heb. 13:5.

C. The Test That Awaits Him: See I Cor. 3:10-15. Two questions await us.

1. How did you manage?

2. What materials did you use?

II. Opportunistic

Today we have the opportunity to invest in God’s kingdom. Why invest your all in a place you’re only visiting? Why not invest it in the place where you will spend eternity? Matt. 6:19-24. Our destiny is the destiny of our master.

Be generous in God’s kingdom. Generosity is the most talked about virtue in the Bible. Faith = 246. Hope = 185. Love = 733. Giving = 2,285! Why should we be opportunistic in our giving? Because of our:

A. Redemption by God: Giving reminds us of God giving His son. Ex. 13:11-15; Deut. 26:9-11. If you want to be like God then learn to give. I Chron. 29:14.

Check out Mal. 3: 7-10. Malachai calls for repentance. He starts with their most visible sin – money. They were robbing God. See v.9. “Curse”. God will not financially bless a thief. See Matt. 6:21. Money is like a magnet. Where we put it – it tends to pull our heart.

B. Reverence for God: Deut. 14:23. Lev. 27:30,32. Deut. 12:10-11; Gen. 14:17,20; Gen. 28:20-22; I Tim. 6:17-19. There’s only one place for the tithe – God’s hand.

C. Reward from God: Giving:

1. Blesses Me: He can increase income or decrease your expenses. God blesses faith – not bargaining. He says to us when it comes to giving “you go first!”

2. Brightens Me

3. Boosts Me

CONCLUSION: One of the ways He tests our commitment and our maturity is through our finances. Will you trust Him with eternal issues but not your finances?

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