Summary: This teaching aims at showing the believer how to be a faithful stewards since that’s who we’re supposed to be unto the Lord.


TEXT: LUKE 12:42

Who is a steward?

From the Greek word ‘oikonomos’, steward means someone that is made an house distributor or overseer, a manager or a treasurer. The bottom line of it all is that one is working for the interest of another. Proverbs 25:13

To be faithful means to do things according to the orders and instruction of the owner of the work. It is a lack of faith for a man to be unfaithful.

Who then is a faithful steward?

A faithful steward is that person that has been given a task to do by another person and will do it just as the owner would want it done. A steward therefore must first be a disciple, learning the way the owner of the work does it.

What are the attributes of a disciple?

1. He cares for the body of Christ.

2. He outruns others in matters that concern the body of Christ. John 20:1-4

3. He is responsible enough to be given the body of Christ to care for. John 19:26

4. He feeds the body of Christ with balanced diet of the word. Matthew 24:45

5. He follows the Lord willingly

6. He stands by him even when things become difficult. He does not keep a distance from the body of Christ. John 12:26

7. He discerns the presence of God. John 21:7

8. He makes profit with the talents the Lord has given him. He is not a waster. Matthew 25:14-26

9. He is prudent with the kingdom’s resources

10. He remains consistent in his closet and outside worship and reverence to God. He does no eye service.

11. He eagerly awaits and looks forward to the second coming of the Lord.

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