Summary: 13th message in a series exploring the wonder of God as our loving Father. This message explores the wonder of God's faithfulness to His children.

“The Faithfulness Factor”

(The Fatherhood of God Pt 13)


We live in a world of unfaithfulness; unfaithfulness in marriages, business dealings, friendships, church relationships, and family. People fail, falter, forget, forsake their commitments on a regular basis. The only thing we can expect to be faithful is unfaithfulness. People fail, things fail, plans fail, dreams fail, society fails, nature fails, life fails. Everything fails at some point in this fallen world. Every dad fails at one point or another. Some of those failures are inconsequential, others catastrophic. Some are forgotten over time, others scar for a lifetime.

IX. The Faithfulness Factor

We entrust our souls to Dad’s immeasurable faithfulness

A. What is faithfulness? Description

Faithfulness is a characteristic that can be best understood by enlisting a number of other synonyms. We would describes someone as faithful, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, steadfast, a person of their word, true, loyal, committed, consistent, unfailing, unwavering.

The core concept has to do with dependability and trust to carry out what is promised.

It could apply to people or things or animals.

Faithful Ford - Trusty knife - Faithful marriage - Loyal dog - Dependable Maytag washer

Faithful servant - Trusted friend

B. What causes unfaithfulness?

A number of factors enter into lapses in faithfulness.

? Lack of interest or commitment

? Lack of knowledge or insight

? Lack of ability or skill

? Lack of authority or influence

? Lack of energy

? Lack of time

? Lack of focus

? Lack of memory

? Lack of discipline or self-control

? Distraction

? Oppression

? Sin and selfishness

Unfaithfulness may be intentional or unintentional. No matter the reason, the result is the same.

The person did not provide the desired or expected benefit when we needed it.

C. What makes God faithful?

None of these factors affect God. His divine love eternally commits Him to Himself and His creatures and creation. His omniscience enables Him to know everything about everything at all times. His omnipotence provides all the necessary energy and power to carry out His word.

His eternity eliminates the limitations of time. His sovereignty gives Him absolute authority.

He is disciplined and focused. His holiness eliminates the sin and selfishness factors. He can’t be distracted or oppressed. He never falters, forgets, forsakes, forfeits His word or fails.

He is absolutely faithful. It is His character. He does not change. He must be faithful; He can be nothing else.

He is faithful in all things at all times. Psa 33:1-5

He says what He means and does what He says. Deut 7:7-11

His faithfulness is forever. Psa 100:4-5

His faithfulness is immeasurable. Psalm 36:5-9

His faithfulness is GREAT! Lam 3:19

He is clothed in faithfulness. Psalm 89:1-8

D. How do we know God is faithful?

1. Creation declares God’s faithfulness

Psalms 89:1-8

The universe continues to function in absolute precision. The fact that we still have air to breathe and food to eat on this planet testify to God’s daily faithfulness.

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." Genesis 8:22

The rise of every sun and the turn of every season continually testify to God’s faithfulness.

2. The Bible records continual accounts of God’s faithfulness

Every historical event in the Bible testifies that God always does what He says He’ll do.

Answers to prayer, precise fulfillment of hundreds of prophecies, healing, deliverance, direction given, promises made, all testify to God’s faithfulness. Sarah considered God faithful to do what He promised and her womb was opened and she conceived well beyond her child bearing years. God said it wouldn’t rain and it didn’t rain. God said death would result from sin and death came upon all men. God told Israel He would take them to the Promised Land and He did.

God promised judgment for sin and judgment came. The core of faith has to do with a fundamental belief in God’s faithfulness to His promise.

Romans 4:20-25

God promised deliverance and He delivered.

3. People tell stories of God’s faithfulness

Volumes have been written recounting stories of God’s faithfulness.

4. We personally experience God’s faithfulness

The fact that you got up this morning is a testimony to God’s faithfulness.

5. Scripture declares God’s faithfulness in spite of circumstances

In spite of the extensive Biblical accounts of God’s faithfulness …

In spite of the volumes of testimony shared by people throughout history…

Even in spite of our own personal experience of God’s faithfulness…

…we can’t help but struggle with the times it seems God hasn’t been faithful. Yes, He is faithful, but ABSOLUTELY faithful? There are times when it seems God faltered. There are times when it seems God forgot. There are times when God forsook us and took a break. There are even times when we feel like God didn’t honor His word. What about the times when it felt like God failed to act on our behalf? There have been times when God seemed to be no different than my dad. It seemed I was all on my own. I have felt abandoned, forgotten, ignored, and sometimes forsaken. How can I proclaim that God is faithful when I sometimes feel the opposite? I am not alone. First listen to one of the most powerful and glorious declarations of the faithfulness of God.

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