Summary: The fall is a constant reminder of the reality of man’s fall and God’s reaction which leads to God’s Judgment and Mercy Provisions.

Five Basic Points:

I. Test of obedience

II. Its Violation

III. The moral evil it involved

IV. The results if produced

V. God’s Reaction – Judgment and Mercy Provisions

I. Test of obedience

a) Just & Reasonable

b) Simple and Plain

c) No need of the fruit

d) There was absolute peace and happiness without it.

II. Its Violation

a) Serpent Temptation

b) Contradiction of God’s Word

c) The Transgressions:

1. Near the tree

2. Looked upon the fruit

3. Listened to the tempter

4. Eve desired

5. She acted upon the desire – She took and ate the fruit

6. She became and slave of Satan – She gave to Adam and he ate it

7. They were tempted not compelled!!!

III. The moral evil it involved

a) Unbelief the first Sin – Credited Satan – Disbelieved God -They could not keep God’s Word!!!

b) Discontent –

1. Abundantly supplied – Eartha and all the fullness thereof was theirs

2. Pride – Highest place on Earth

c) Disobedience

1. Ingratitude – in return for all that God had done for them

IV. The results if produced

a) Fear and Shame- before all was peaceful, orderly and calm

b) The cover up – they tried to cover their sin

c) Open exposure and conviction

1. Self Conviction

V. God’s Reaction – Judgment and Mercy Provisions

a) Divine displeasure and Punishment

1. Serpent

2. The Woman

3. The Man

b) God’s Mercy-

1. Provided a Savior – the battle begun and was won verse 15

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